Letter to Antiindigenous & AntiClimate Morales& Arce!

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Re:Ongoing 15th Year Unconstitutional Exile of Dr FelipeCampos
Dear Sirs& Madam:
I, Domitila Mamani write this letter & continue to document the ongoing cold&premeditated&
malicious racism of EvoMorales&LuisArce who despite the fact that unrencorous DrFelipe Campos assisted them to regain&remain in power, unthankfully they& their cabinet by missusing the power of the Bolivian State, are violating his indigenous Human Rights & systematically blocking comunication, free Speech rights in Bolivia& playing deaf, blind& ignorant, keep him exiled and falsely implying he doesn't exist as a Bolivian citizen& person.
Sadly your offices have not moved a finger to assist him in the renewal of his Identification card/IC, Passport,
... and failing to repatriate him to Bolivia.
What are Morales, Arce and their cabinet doing with indigenous Campos documents? and why under their 15 years in power, their cabinet and subalterns keep missusing the power of the Bolivian State & have made disappeared indigenous Felipe Campos' birth record while keeping him exiled against his will and denying him his rights under the charter of the UN HR?
Attached to this letter is absolute evidence the Bolivian State has known his existence. It proves their own gov admits it, (Attached exhibir of Gov-file-copy of his IC 815564) & through their two Bolivian satellites& ENTEL! Morales&Arce tried to block his 15 years of request of renewal of Docs& repatriation to Bolivia.
The Bolivian gov address has received it multiple previous times from Felipe and if they now allege they have a new adress, they must make it public and accesible to 12 million bolivian citizens! 
Felipe denounced for 15 years Morales& Arce refused abolish Latifundio, failed to extradite G Sanchez de Lozada& Sanchez Berzain and trial penally the Jeanine Anez Gov for crimes against humanity and/or genocides. And Morales&Arce fear if indigenous Felipe Campos a survivor of torture under military regime, is allowed to Bolivia, it will be the end of Indigenous majority support for Morales&Arce and know he will lead an indigenous Gov with 100% indigenous cabinet and a climate green economic model. Morales and Arce push in Bolivia, the ideology of a Warwick University Capitalist carbon economics and their pseudo socialism.
Exhibit of Bolivian gov address receiving Felipe's last requests,
attached here as photo.
Bolivian Gov has received it, Verifiable through blogger:  Google.com.FelipeEsPueblo-EnLasCalles.com
Please reply and be reminded we indigenous women will keep posting this, until  Morales and Arce play no more the denyal game& stop missusing the power of the Bolivian State and stop exiling Felipe unconstitutionally and without any process & violating indigenous Felipe Campos' HR.
Michelle are indigenous exilees invisible to you and only Non- indigenous people like Belarusians are visible to you?
Domitila Mamami M
December 4th 2020
PD In addition to twitter and FaceBook, this was Posted at the above named blogger.

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