One shoe size fits everybody's foot size?

One shoe size fits everybody's foot size? 

U think gov
Covid tracker is to control pandemic Covid& compulsory vaccination is a christmas gift?
6 million innocent europeans too thought the gasman was transporting them in trains to the promised land but the evil gasman was gasing them in mass with Zyklon B As Unsafe & ineficient Vaccines&CovidTracker
Harm Us!
Covid2 has mutated thousads of times and one size and shape of co vid2 vaccine doesn't fit all thousands of mutating viruses, therefore each new deadly virus mutation will meed a different invented and approved vaccine and not a mere new adjustment!
Buddy, don't believe one shoe size fits everbody's foot size, because somebody's DNA is not the same as everybody's!
And remember you only live once and you can't be resurrected when it doesn't provide you the expectation of making you immune to thousands of mutating pandemic viruses!

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