Paris Agreement success or failure?

Success or Failure?
From behind tbe curtain BlackRock pushed the hype through NGOs& 
Govs that Paris Agreement was the cure to the carbon Pandemic that threaten to extinct us.
Overoptimists we were but the realitynhas its own answers:
Parus own card index of living up to the self honor, volunteer goals to cut carbon& oil& gas would be reached without need for enforcement. But the climate change performance  index card from NGOs Germanwatch and NewClimate Ibstorute s shows
The richest the most cheater to their own pledges to cut GreenhouseGas emissions, like USA.
The mid point countries such as Germany& China, still cheated.
The top countries of the paris Agreement, didn't reach their self comittment to cut deadly fossil fuel& carbon emissions.
It took too many decades to reach the paris Agreement and countless friday for future school protests to see the Paris agreement failed our trust, our hopes for a better future for our children& grandchildren.
ParisAgreementbofvself pledges is a recipe for hurt& desillusionment and human genocide, bc fossil fuel& carbon's profit is stronger than us climate defenders.
Now BlackRock sends to bat his best batters, Biden& NGOs to hype us again with the Paris agreement by putting a carrot ahead of us: carbon tax/metric ton, double credit carbon, with altrustic dummies falling for resilience, adaptation, mitigation, transition to low carbon  emissions.
But its all a deception and empty words and the Paris Agreement is the wrong structure and the wrong yardstick: volunteeer oledges & the absence of enforcement tool to broken pledges by all the paris agreement members.
Biden comes with his carrot: carbon tax!
But its a carbon tax that failed in the USA during Evil Obama-Biden 8 years term.
Once a fool, always a fool, so Biden tries his failed carbon tax at global level theough the Paris Agreement.
Excuse our frankness. We know Biden& The Paris agreement and the hype. 
Thanks but no thanks, we're not going to spend decades with this failed carbon tax, double credit carbon nor With Bidens fake NewGreenDeal/NGD, bc is a recuoe not only for repiting the same failire with Biden and the use less Paris Agreement.
Greta your good FridaysForFuture protests& telling the fossil fuel& carbon cheaters, " You know what to do, you know what must be done" has reach its climax and their answers and result of Paris Agreement structure is reach its blind street end and there is no point in insisting on this failed structure, it will always produce hype, high hopes and failure bc fossil fuel profit knows no rules, no agreements& is Non-compliant.
We have no time bc we're experiencing climate catastrophe's forest fires, over 4degrees C increase within 10 years, permafrost& glaciars melting and oceans dying and annually over 70 million humans dying prematurely bc BlackRock global management  Greenhouse gasing 70 million people to death, compared to 1 million deads by Covid2,
If we don't give up cars, they will become our guzzler coffins of death+ Biden nuclear Mutually assured Destruction with peoliferating nuclear plants under the excuse of producing electricity and nuclear space race!
FFF protests are too little to late and it has failed to stop fossil fuel& carbon 5x increase plus multiple zillons US$ subsidies, bail out and tax cuts for BlackRock corporate citizens under the mask of "reactivating the insure GDP growth and jobs", plus unsafe and inefficient politically rushed covid2 vaccines, how many millions will become victims of these for profit vaccines?
We can silently let BlackRock keep turning hotter and hotter Earth as a giant oven and silently die greenhouse gassed to death as 6 million innocent were gassed to death by these same fossil fuel corporstes who bankrolled Adolf to power in Germany: Shell, Standard Oil, JP Morgan, Bank America, Deutsche Bank, Ford, ITT, city bank, etc.
Solution: after this covid2 wave abates, with masks, social distancing, round oil refineries, joinCivilDisobedience, bc they won't be able to refine, distribute, sell and profit. And sooner than too little too late, they will have to switch to solar, wind vegan global economy instead of fossil fuel economy.
Are you joining peaceful massive civil Disobedience where you live?

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