...risk your health and life to these dangerous political vaccines?

Do you want to risk your health& life to these dangerous political vaccines?
Advisors are political appointees, yet the advisors commission of USA's  Food and Drug Administration/FDA, gave the FDA the nod to approve Biontech-Pfizer vaccine.
This nod came after said vaccine representative answered shebknows of no harm their vaccine could cause on vaccinated people by their vaccine.
How can Biontech-Pfizer know of their vaccine not causing harm to vaccinated people, bc they are getting an exception from the regular rules to produce medical data for 5 years that normally all vaccines must fulfill but when Biontech- Phizer appealed the political expdient Emergency law, it exempted them from producing 5 years of medical clinical data of patients that were in their 3 phase medical clinical trial.
The true answer is no, no one can know this specific vaccines poses or not a harm to patients vaccinated with Biontech-Phizer vaccine, therefore the FDA got a false answer from Bontech-Phyzer representative and it carries a slow rolling snowball of adverse consequences to vaccinated people. Will it be deadly or a temporarybincapacitacion these vaccinated people will suffer?
Now we address the russian sputnik vaccine.
It has a medical warning to patients who are getting vaccinated by sputnik vaccine: when you are vaccinated do not drink any alcohol of the efficiency of the sputnik vaccine will be lost!
Bc Russians fight cold climate with some drinking most are ineligible. And president Putin said he's decided not to get vaccinated!
Now we will address the Australian vaccine.
It was in stage 1 and their human guinea pigs yielded false positives for HIV.
Inmediatelly the Australian gov, cancelled the research for the australuan antiCovid2 vaccine.
All vaccines are forbidden to be dispensed to allergy sufferers of any kind!
Then thete is the problem that Biontech- Phizer, AztraSeneca, Modetna vaccines waiting for FDA patent approval have the following medical warnings to evade legal respobsibility should there vaccines kill you or harm you:
There is no medical clinical data of the effects of these vaccines on children below the age of 16.
There is no medical clinical data of the adverse effect on  pregany mothers, thse vaccines may cause
And then there is another legal disclaimer: They don't have medical data on senior citizens & don't know as makers of these vaccines what  adverse effects their vaccines may cause them.
With all these deadly perils agaibst vaccinated human guinea piga, should 8 billion people vaccinate, so BlackRock World management of govs can have most countries back to carbon GDO growth as in the past, and enrich them at the cost of 8 billion humans being converted or treated as human guinea pigs, and some millions of russians who take a glass of vodka, died and blame the victims for being dead and say the vaccine was safe and efficient and they died bc they took a drink within 2 months?
To any scientist and doctor and citizen who has some education and common sense, the above pharmaceutical liability disclaimers sound any concern or alarm, they are about to loose their health and lives due to these unsafe and inefficient politically rushed vaccines
What do you say?

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