The vaccines won't work on mutated viruses which they never trialed them?

The vaccines won't work on mutated viruses which they never trial them on?

It's irresponsible to keep endangering humanity with fossil fuel& carbon and deceiving humanity with their unsafe vaccine concoctions politically rushed by USFDA& EMA useless& whisfull expectations they will take us back to their Profit Normalcy.
There can never be profit normalcy bc their lab created and spread  sarscovid2 has mutated thousand times and science and scientists are still babbling and crowling and don't fully understand the irreversible consequences of global vaccine inmunization with these unsafe concocted vaccines! The mutant pandemic viruses know not any vaccine that can stop them from widespreading and sowing unjust death!
One of this highly infectious NonStop pandemic viruses is known as mutation B.1.1.7 and is sad to see collegues calling it a meaningless variant, bc is not a toy variant but a deadly mutating virus that nothing science has, can not stop it from causing us massive deads.
I would be a liar if i say, science has a magic cure!
No we don't have it!
But my former colleagues working in different pharmaceutical corporations, know their incoming profits may turn to a smoke stack, insist in their sophists' art. "Astrazeneca expects its vaccine will work against mutating Covid B 1.1.7
But it is a false expectation!
Astrazeneca's vaccine wasn't remotely trialed against mutant virus B 1.1.7, hence it's a false expectation with potential massive consequences for billions of humans!
Sputnik has not even finished trialing its sputnik vaccine and yet they sold countless million of sputnik vaccine to Americans from the South: Venezuelan, Argentine& Bolivian people who are being now tried as guinea pigs and exposed to potential death, yet president Putin rejected to become vaccinated and is exposing billions of people to potential death, same as Biontech CEO, muslim turkish Ugur Sahim, whose vaccine wasn't tried against mutated covid B.1.1.7 virus, yet Sahim is already vaccinated millions of foreigners with the unsafe vaccine he himself invented it, but refuses to vaccinate himself or let others vaccinate him!
Why can't all these pharmaceutical corporations who invented these sarscovid2 vaccine stop for 6 weeks distributing and selling billions of their vaccines and immediatelly begin phase 3 trial, to find a new vaccine invention capable to stop B.1.1.7
They don't want to stop it, bc zillonair profits itch their pockets, their eager hands and itching greedy minds, yet they won't stop till the profits reach to their hands, regardless of innocent vaccinated people dying. Simply they will give excuses.
In Germany in some regions, the people have caused to stop distribution. As a matter of fact over 20k vaccines have not been delivered due to implicit mutant B 1.1.7 virus!
Poor underdevelopped countries have no money but are being used as guinea pigs by these pharmaceutical profiteers.
Moderna alleges a half dose plus a dose after two weeks yields 90% efficiency but they haven't delivered their data to prove their vaccine is 90% efficient
So its only their say so!
Their say so is suppose to convince you, to become vaccinated and if that's not enough, their media will keep sowing panic, to provoke a herd response.
But their say so is no good fiat, bc it's not scientifically proven ,but is bilieved to works
 on their say so!
What can you do when pharmaceuticals and media are simply pushing your buttons to cause a heard vaccination response, so all of you can be vaccinated and let them pocket huge profits with your immune system, your tears, your health, your lives...
Wait& See! With their unsafe vaccines, don't let them push you down the cliff and tell them like  Putin. " No I am not taking a vaccine!" And tell them as Sahim, " I am not legally allowed to take a vaccine at this time"
Bc you and your children live only once and there are no magic cures nor resurrections!

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