Ugur Sahim...refusing to take his own politically rushed sarscovid2 vaccine?

Why is Biontech-Phizer CEO Ugur Sahin refusing to take his own politically rushed sarscovid2 vaccine?
Fact 1: it takes at least 10-20 years to develop a safe & efficient vaccine but Biontech-Phizer took 9 months to developped it bc they used a political lae emergency law to patent a politically rushed vaccine.
Fact2: 16 is adult age limit and 4 voting members of the USFDA voted against patenting Biontech- Phizer sarscovid 2 vaccine for underage children who are the majority in our world.
Fact3: senior citizens are the most expensive bills for Govs and govs are pushing them to be vaccinated by these 9 month old political vaccines. Are they helping them or getting rid of them?
Fact4: The USFDA&EMA did not conduct medical clinical phase 3 tests to prove or disprove the safety of these vaccines presented to them by vaccine applicant BiontechPhizer, etc.
Fact5: Because elderly refused to be guinea pigs, Pharmaceutical Corps of these vaccines, excluded them from their medical clinical phase 3 trials.
So they don't know these vaccines work in senior citizens or not. Yet they are pushing them to be vaccinated.
Fact6:Except G20& BRICS, most countries do not have the means to provide & keep these political vaccines in "Minus70°C" therefore billions of por countries citizens will be vaccinated by useless Biontech-Phizer vaccines bc they couldn't afford said low temperature& pharmaceutical achieves its legal alibi, "They breached the minus70C, so its not our fault vaccinated patients died"
Fact7: Biontech- Phizer says its proud and guarantees its vaccines are safe& efficient to immunize you from SarsCovid2 & pushes for everybody to be vaccinated but its own CEO, Ugur Sahin adamantly refuses to vaccinate himself by his own magic vaccine. Matter of fact publicly Ugur Sahim declared, " I am not legally allowed to take the vaccine..."
You ask, why then is Sahim afraid of the consequences to become vaccinated by his own patented magic cure, or is it magic death?
Fact7: like the Spanish Flu influenza, every year i refuse but fools get a new vaccine bc, there is no vaccine against it and annually they get new flu vaccines. And there are thousands of mutating pandemic viruses, like the South UK highly contagious pandemic and another like the SouthAfrican virus Pandemic and countries close their borders to try to contain these new highly contagious pandemic strains.
So Biontech_ phizer advocates wishfully dream their vaccine works against thousands of mutations but wishfull dreams can be deadly, so Chairman Ugur Sahin says he is not vaccinating himself nor accept doctors to vaccinate him, so he made up his alibi, " i am not legally allowed to take vaccination..." but then send others to risk their immune defense and lives!

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