Unjustly China cracks down on HongKongers!

Unjustly China cracks down on Hong Kongers!

BlackRock pushes Police state's National security law by chinesse captitalistAuthoritarians in many countries.

HongKongers have been brutally awaken bc CapitalistAuthoritarians cracking down and violating HR and the treaty of two systems one country.
The chinesse ordered Lam's police& Judiciary to arrest Wu-Chi-wai, following the arrest of Joshua Wong&20 Hong Kong council men& countless kidnapped andbdisappeared HongKongers.
The EU screams henny penny the sky is falling when it comes to rich oil& mineral natural resource countries like Venrzuels, Belorus, Moldova... but doesn't emargo china but give useless blacklisting of a token chinesse aparatchicks.
Thesr crackdowns based on USA Matiobal Secirity comes as BlackRock global management of govs is attempting to impose a police state globally, to KO Climate defender protestors against oil and carbon.
AmerucanBolivian indigenous climate defenders we know if we don't fight peacefully for our rights, we're done for, but we decided to go on and never give up, bc when peoples and countries stop fighting, BlackRock Global management of govs, think, we have no right to exist!

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