Vaccine cures or deadly poisons that may kill you unjustly!

Vaccine cures or deadly poisons that may kill you unjustly?

Some consciencious scientists ask ourselves if our discoveries bring good or bad to our humanity!
Take mustard gas which caused panic and excruciating lifelong injuries to survivors of WWI, among them our ancestors.
Allied and german troops alleging god is on their side shoot mustard gas at each other, but unexpected winds turned against the shooters.
Germany's, UK's and US's allies are in the race to capture countless billions of dollars and euros for profit by selling unsafe and ineficient vaccines, claiming it will absolutely protects us from SarsCoVid2 pandemic and take us back to Normalcy to continue to increase oil, gas& carbon to harvest fortunes for BlackRock global management and countless billions who don't want to give out their fossil fuel engine guzzler cars, bc the latter believe its their pride to the European and%or American dream achieved.
But you are part of 8 billion uninformed Non-scientists, who don't know these allied vs Russian antiSarsCovid2 vaccines are not producing medical data for 5 years, that normally takes the FDA patents office and other patents offices.
Those 5 years of medical data make or break the new medical applicants' application for a patent.
The FDA uses those 5 years of medical data, to replicate in lab and on patients if the applicant's medical data is corroborated or are fraud claims. And once thd FDA replicates and geta the same good results and their FDA data is the same as the applicant's results, then and only then the FDA will grant a short time patent, bc it will follow up if as FDA made or not a mistake. And after the patent is emmitted, when over the next years the patented medical cure or vaccine or medication has complaints of colateral side effects that permanently disabled or kill patients, there will be official probes andbif those probes are sustained, there will be a recall of the vaccine or patented invention and then the FDA will revoke it, bc the invention produces deads.
Now going back to the lack of 5 years medical data which all allied applicants and Russian applicants have intentionally failed to produce to save time and money and on the excuse of "there were a half million humans dead by sarscovid2, we felt the need to save lives and go back to normalcy and appealing to the emergency law, we didn't need to wait for FDA to corroborate or uncorroborate our invented vaccines saves or not saves lives, so with the emergency law we bypassed the 5byears of medical data on patients needed before we applied for a patent.  Appealing with the emergency law, we had the FDA aproved these rushed vaccines to save lives and retun to normalcy. We complied and FDA gave us a patent, we vaccinated billions and is too bad a few millions died as a result of being vaccinated" and these allied and Russian pharmaceuticals will go away for the massive deads of humans, bc they will allege,"the flown vaccines were not kept at minus 70Degrees Centigrades, therefore its not our fault" and Like Bayer who kills with cancer causing RoundUp, will skip their vaccines liabilities.
But let's go back to the onset of these allied and russian anti sarsCovid2 vaccines:
Russia alleges as Biontech&Pfizer, Moderna, Aztraseneca vaccine allegations along with Sputnik vaccine, 40k russians have just been vaccinated there the first of two Sputnik vaccines, which will follow in few weeks with a second sputnik vaccine.
Will these 40k guinea pigs die or become incapacitated permanently?
And then will 150 million russians die massively by these politically rushed vaccines?
BlackRock global management oil media that control what you can read and what not, has its media allege, "No its not our vaccines, we're the true tellers& its the bandit- russians' politically rushed vaccines which are a mass danger to humanity"
Wait. That is fake news from NYT, AP, Reuters... because all vaccines have failed to wait the 5 years and have very scarce and insufitient medical data because they appealed emergency law to their vaccine applicarions rather than to produce 5 years of patients medical data to their clinical trials in phase3.
All global researchers are using  same sarscovid2 virus for vaccine research and for getting a vaccine.
All global pharmaceuticals owners of these politically rushed vaccines are omitting sarscovid2 has already  mutated and reinfected covid surviving patients and there obsolute vaccines may or not prevent only 1 type of sarscovid2 and not all mutated pandemic viruses of sarsCovid2.
And what is worst, as is their utilitarian&money grabbing purpose and racism, all allied pharmaceuricals and Russian pharmaceutical have used underdeveloped people as live-guinea pigs. As a matter of fact allied and Russia have already shipped& distributed to these unsafe, inneficient and deadly dangerous vaccines like Venezuela, Serbia, Hungary...
The only way back to normalcy is abolishing now Oil,gas&carbon& stip burning forestsand save the oceans and giving up your coffin car powered by fossil fuel and switch to e- cars, solar energy cars etc.
Some people asked us, among them my grandma's german people, "why not save ourselves by vaccines and go back to healthy ways of our 1990's parents' days"
1990 is gone bc we have 850 mpp carbon dioxide contamination on the air we breath every second.
If you believe these antiSarsCovid2 vaccines will magically make you immune absolutelly, it may sadden me to read your name among massive humans vaccinated victims. These are politically rushed vaccines. These vaccines as magic cure are a deception bc the inventors, including russians are greedy asses who only see money and not you.

You may wait and see what happens before you think whether or not these vaccines are safe and efficient for you, your children and grandchildren.
What do you say?

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