Wait& See rather than being vaccine killed!

Wait and see rather than being vaccine killed!

With countless billions of dollars in profits, BlackRock Management is pushing its pharmaceuticals corps& govs to vaccinate you.

R u in a hurry to become a guinea pig and kill your inmune System& yourself with these money grabbing corporations's political unsafe& inefficient& mass deadly vaccibes that don't work on sars CoV oh d2 bc it keeps mutating as flu mutates and there is no vaccine that can magically protect you against these mutating pandemic viruses?

An infected mpther passes anrubodies to her in uterus baby and her baby is born pandemic free.

 It may be safer to wait for research on antibodies that babies acquire and saves them  and if science can bring us natural antibodies that can save us from these mutating viruses, it will be safer for humanity, bc our human immune system has preserved our human health since 

Lucy and other ancestors of ours appeared in caves and we are the proof, that our immune system is the key to safe and efficient and quality of life survival.

As scientists we don't know enough of these mutating sars coVid 2 and is better to wait and see and research for more natural antibody cures that may sa-ve us and protect us. But for those people who are deceived with a fast but unsafe return to normalcy and got vaccinated, once their immune system is been tampered with this polutical unsafe vaccines, there is no return bc its irreversible and it will be sad to see billions die in mass as victims of these unsafe and inefficient politically rushed vaccines, bc they don't have enough data nor enough patients to reach a billion patients who can say to humanity, i am safe from Covid due to these political vaccines and meager 40K patients tried in stage clinical trial3, is enough and not safe nor efficient. Specially when of their meager number of patients, some have died while being vaccine tested, that to any scientist who has a human conscience and is not  greedy can't vouch for these magic vaccines. That means these vaccines are deadly dangerous to humanity and are only being patented by politically forcing not to test for 5 years all vaccines take to be tested, but jumped magically by political force of emergency law to be aproved and patented. But these vaccines are missing 5 years of patients data which may render them dangerously deadly and useless to protect you from these mutating viruses!

The call is yours, but remember once you get vaccinated, if it doesn't work, you die and if by a miracle you survive the post vaccinated sarsCovid2 infection, its irreversible and your immune system and you may die, soon after it.

As for me and my own and extended family we will wait a few years in which safe and efficient antibody cures will be found & if govs enact compulsory vaccination, they will have to kill us first bc we don't want their for profit rushed political unsafe and inefficient pandemic vaccine!

Coronavirus: UK approves Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, to roll out next week

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