What kind of imbeciles pharmaceutical corporations takes us for?

What kind of imbeciles pharmaceutical corporations take us for?

Imposing vaccination cards or travel passports to enter bussinesses, board an airliner or meet CEOs or attend school, is a grim racist& compulsory vaccination policy imposed by corporations. And its becoming a reality even in China, where Alipay encodes you on yellow or red and you are discriminated and forbbiden from entering those bussinesses conducted globally by Alipay.
This is compulsory global vaccination against our will. Whatever happpened to our constitutional rights and free choice and our self defense rights for us to defend from corporatist Big Brother who dictates over govs and over we the people?
These are unsafe and inefficient vaccines, bc they are useless to protect you from thousands of mutating viruses.
Forced to receive the Beast's mark, signals we are living the end of life, when at every transaction we are forced to produce the beast's mark on us: travelling passport with proof of pandemic vaccination.
Why these police state corporatists BlackRock impose compulsory vaccination when Ugur Sahim and his corporatist staff do not take the vaccines, they themselves invented it?
Day after day endlessly distracting us from 20x increasing perpetual oil, gas& carbon Pandemics, what kind of imbeciles pharmaceutical corporations take us for?

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