Whoever has ears and eyes, listen and see!

Whoever has ears and eyes, listen and see!

Doctors& nurses are the vanguard
Health warriors trying to aide us.
They pretty well know sense and evaluate the adverse effects of sarsCovid2 and since humanity and medicine don't know
that much about covid2 and the irreversible perils of politically rushed multiple antocovid vaccines, requested the NIH not to compel them to vaccinate. the National institute of health has decided not to force doctors& nurses to be vaccinated and continue their work.
That means, humanity has learn from doctors and nurses decision not to be vaccinated, humans must wait and not rish to vaccinate bc the vaccines are not safe and efficient and are a peril to our health and our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.
In the united states over 60% of women dedicded not to  be vaccinated.these wise women like doctors and nurses see the peril of politically rushed vaccines that p
Overprofit pharmaceuticals at the peril and possible cost of lives under the created hysteria of covid2
BlackRock's fossil fuel and carbon cause CO2 pandemic that kills 70 million people or incapacitates them annually and sars has barely cost 10% of it.
With desinfectant for hands, mask and sociak distance, we are faring well. Only the careless people like MrTrump and partying people and alcoholics who go to bars without masks expose themselves to covid, are getting the infection an/ or dying due to covid. Sad they took the decision not to wear masks etc and sad they are not among the living, but it was themselves who needlessly imprriled themselves and suffered sad ends.
Whoever has ears listen, whoever has eyes, read and who ever has common sense to be cautious, wear masks and keep social distance and not imperil oneself to politically rushed vaccines, continue being cautious for we only live once!
Thank you for taking care of yourself and you love ones responsibly!

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