Why are pharmaceutical Corps refusing to turn original data?

Why are pharmaceutical Corps refusing to turn original data?

My former peers from the National cancer institute & the New England Jornal of medicine, followed the Robert Koch Institute's and Oxford health providers's, conducted thorough studies on patients who have survived sarsCovid2 pandemic and their clinical findings reached similiar conclusions on these survivors: their natural antibodies protected them from getting sarsCovid2 reinfections. In other words, these survivors antibodies are effective anti Sarscovid2 vaccines by identifying them and destroying them.
These survivors natural antibodies act as most safe and efficient vaccines and they don't need any pharmaceutical vaccines like Biontech&Phizer, moderna, astrazeneca, Sinovac, etc
Talking of the latter, the USFDA& EMA to license and patent Biontech-Phizer, Moderna...they have not scientifically replicated nor obtained the same results phase3 medical clinical as the applicant pharmaceuticals but merely conducted paper review of whatever the applicant presented and based on the political emergency law, have aproved these politically rushed vaccine applications, bc as everybody they want to stop the uncertainty and peril from sarscovidpp2
Their good intentions applied to the political Emergency law has yielded the patents for said vaccines rather than conducting medical clinical phase 3 studies bc they don't want 0to delay the vaccine approval for 5 years which takes to prove or disprove the applicants medical clinical empirical data.
But then to all those who risk their own health and lives, that is leaves 8 billion potential vaccine recipients on their own risk to acquire or not acquire sarsCovid2 or acquire thousands of mutating pandemic high contagious viruses.
Good intentions and urgency to save patients and refusal by USFDA and EMA's refusal to conduct medical clinical phase3 trials & it doesn't substitute their duty to insure the lives of vaccine recipients are not sacrificed in vain!
As a matter of fact SinoVac pharmaceutical corporation has already refused 3 times to release its medical clinical phase 3data.
How then these money greedy pharmaceuticals dare to endanger your life to their vaccines when their data is being hid?
Two million US citizens have akready endanger their immune system and lives by the vaccines they've already received.
It sadens me what may happen to these already vaccinated recipients and the hundreds of millions that will be vaccinated, when pharmaceuticals may or may not be consistently fudging their medical clinical phase 3 trial's data to be succesfully aproved by USFDA& EMA.
Think about it and don't rush to become vaccinated. Wait and see and when all the medical data is turn over for peer review, and after a coupke years of follow up to those unfortunate vaccinated people, once the new results are gather, analyzed and concluded for or against these pharmaceutical political vaccines, safe or unsafeness. Then u decide whether you will refuse or decide to get the vaccine. 

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