...will you surrender or will you protect your immune system?

Hauling seniors to the vaccine centers. Will you surrender or will you protect your inmune system?

After 40K russians were rushed to be vaccinated against Covid2, UK people are pushed to be vaccinated now
In fact not even senior citizens are safe and 90 year old Margaret Keenan was hauled to one of countless vaccination centers & was vaccinsted

You are in a hurry to be a guinea pig and possibly destroy your immune system, organs& blood, go ahead, no one will stop those who are in a rush to get this magic cure but may possibly become permanently incapacitated, live or die.
As for me and my children and granchildren, we will wait and see at least a decade and only if we see 1 billion vaccinated people survived the vaccine mrna of these political rushed for profit vaccine recipients survived, then will think whether or not to get a vaccine. 
Our naturalninmune systems which we were born with is not broke, so we are not going to vaccinate ourselves with unsafe and infefficient vaccines!

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