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Late April or Black November in Bolivia?

Late April or Black November in Bolivia?        By Domi Mamani Most underdeveloped countries& developing countries not only in our American continent but globally are 2 bands of people: manipulates extreme right wing vs center right, becausr it doesn't exist a socialist party reforming the economic structure! Bolivia is typical of these 2 political tendencies. Recently 2019 Coup Makers who caused over 36 genocided people, over 600 wounded and over 1600 persecuted political victims, were arrested and sre waiting their public trials while in custody. The racist extreme right wing nozees who signed genocide by Decree 4078, and killed unarmed peaceful and innocent maerica- Bolivian indigenous climate defenders, cried to their employer uncle Sam and believe they are above the law, continue manipulating external & internal media to allege, "can't imprison a woman, Jeanine Anez for pagan indians. Release her" But that woman for whom foreign and domestic extrene

Indonesia is our future global reality we can't hide from!

Indonesia is our future global reality we can't hide from!           By Domi Manani It's not fair Dutch colonialist extractive exploitation marked Indonesians and their coastal cities to sink. Dutch love the deadly business of oil, and western oil corporations bunched up at BlackRock are making not only indonesian future deadlier and hopeless with OilCarbonGas pandemic for Humanity and particularly for Indonesians. Everybody needs sanitary water delivered by piping. But growing indonesian population needs more piped water, and with it, Jakarta's sea bed adversely affects indonesian coastal cities, including Jakarta, their capital. With their limited resources, Indonesian do their best, but the sea bed keep sinking at close to half a meter a year and so they keep loosing their homes, which keep sinking and needed to fish, they need to live coastal and come Paris Agreement deceptive year to have abrogated Oilcar onGas Pandemic, and vokuntarism having failed as its continu

Vaccinated people compare yourself to Non-Vaccinated Sahim-Tureci!

Vaccinated people compare yourself to Non-Vaccinated Sahim-Tureci!                    By Domi Mamani Believing main media, most of you rushed& fought to get vaccinated with Biontech-Phyzer antigen booster shoot. Instead of 1 shot, you got 2 shots and still get sarscovid2 infected or reinfected after being vaccinated. It has not protected you against sarscovid2& already 2 antigen shots hurt your natural immune defenses, now you have frail immune defenses post vaccinated twice! But greedy Biontech- Phyzer pharmaceutical corps and all pharmaceuticals want you to guinea pig you for a third antigen booster shot and weak you, will you run for Biontech- Phyzer 3rd antigen booster shot? Know you are becoming an Antigen booster shot addict, who in less than 12 months is letting your little guinea pig body get shot for the third time and you don't know if you become dead by blood clotting and don't wake up or become permanently disabled and will need an oxygen bottle strapp

Civil Disobedience or permanent JoH dictator through NAZablah?

Open letter to @SalvaPresidente @luiszelaya @YaniRosethal @XiomaraCastroZ Re: Civil Disobedience or permanent JoH dictator through NAZablah? Dear sirs& Maam: The statistical probabilities of any of you running by himself, to become president of Honduras is nill! Reality shows none of you running by yourself, can't become president! Why? There is the OAS interference and there is the candidacy of NarcocandidateJoH& there is the same reality of a Narcomilitary actor of State power who executed the Coup D'etat 2009 against constitutional president @Manuelzr Intervening OAS put in power JoH by means of TutoQuiroga, who refused to audit 100%& with only a 5% audit put JoH into power, fraudulently perpetuate him under the fairy tail of the pacto of San Jose permitting unlimited reelections. The constituttion of is country forbids permanent reelections and the foreign accord of the Pact of SanJose should sumbite to each country's constitution but necause of

Booster shot recipients or Non-vaccinated people are best fit to survive?

Booster shot recipients or Non-vaccinated people are best fit to survive?      By Domi Mamani The vast majority of scientists and physicians agree that current sarscovid2 are not a once a lifetime vaccine that protects you from the deadly pandemic and that you will become a twice a year new boosterAntigen shot addict/recipient! What most antipandemic experts are arguing is about triggering blood clot antipandemic shots from Aztraseneca& Johnson&Johnson, if the benefit outweights the growing chances to die by blood clotting! Now the responsibility of killing you by blood cloy shot, is being shifted from the pharmaceutical shots, onto you, to avoid paying your orphans and surviving spouse, No-penny at all for your death by Aztraseneca& Johnson&Johnson shots! They are asking you to chose your chances to die by Aztraseneca& J&J shots or die by sarsCovid2. It's a dishonest proposition that pharmaceutical makers are asking you, because their shots only work

Who needs validation by Lynch Mobsters Sam&OAS?

Who needs validation by Lynch mobsters Sam & OAS?        By Domi Mamani Solomon P Chase AKA Sam, during the early 18th century envisioned it and J Monroe& Andrew Jackson materialized the Imperial Monroe Doctrine& assassinated S Bolivar. Since then they extinguished the goal to consolidate an American continent Great Country & impostor it with a poppettish Organization of American States, which is a proxy tool for Sam to continue to impose their imperial Monroism, of working economic slaves from American States, to continue enriching themselves. Imperial Sam took over Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Florida...etc and since then has invaded and made countless Coup D'etats& neutralized the American States intelligentsia and indoctrinated them in its universities to continue using them as servants. What benefit have American states members of the OAS gotten for all their use? Bread crumps falling off the table of Sam's offspring, to the dogs. I have no us

There is no organic food security but imposed transgenic...

There is no organic food security but imposed transgenic food in Bolivia!                      By Domi Mamani M Mesa has burned 10 million forest hectares, Morales 10 million hectares, Anez 10 millon hectars& Arce is reaching ten Million hectares, for Latifundio Transgenic soy& Cattlemen. As a result low class is suffering famine, due to desertification, no rain, transgenics, mining and oil toxic water contaminating rivers& lakes. Despite the overwhelming evidence cited above, Morales& Evolucho Arce colluding with transgenic Latifundio for Cattlemen of the MediaLuna, allege they made huge rural investments & that they have food security. Those are  patent exagerations& misrepresentations, because we americanBolivians have seen starvation and transgenic food beingbdumped at below market prices, have caused  contraband  transgenic potatoes from Peru, transgenic corn, onion from Argentina, transgenic apples, apricot...from Chile etc Which breaks minifundio far

Today wolves are killed, tomorrow is US!

Today wolves are killed, tomorrow is US!    By Domi Mamani M We need to stop peacefully the extinction of fauna biodiversity, because pandemic vectors like forest arsoned and evicted Mice and Rats& multiple pests, without natural predators like Wolves,  not only will continue invading us but Cause Pandemics. We are peacefully battling locally against Southern Cal Gas Corporation, gassing us with deadly arsenic, lead, cadmiun, methane, nitric oxide...And this greedy Corp wants to excavate without covering countless tonez of their deadly poisoned soil and then expand their compressor generator turbines to Six! 6 turbines incinerating blasting radius of action would wipe out at least half of our Ventura city residents, including children& grandchildren attending schools& boys and girls clubs, less than 50 yards! These corporatist gasmen don't care to gas & incinerate live people with their deadly gases. At State level, we are struggle day after day in getting sup

Carta Abierta... ref: Frente Unido con Xiomara Castro Z Presidente de Honduras!

Carta Abierta a: @YaniRosenthal @LuisZelaya @SalvaPresidente Re: Frente Unido con Xiomara CastroZ  presidente 2022-2026 Distinguidos Sres: Soy catedratica retirada, familiar con el Monreismo, caudillismo, militarismo& narcisismo con el q el Tio Sam azota a nuestros pueblos americanos. He visto el caudillismo& narcisismo con el q nos dividen& manipulan adversanente porque nos hacen ilusionar q cada uno de nosotros es y sera presidente& si hacemos lo q el Tio Sam dice q hagamos seremos presidentes. La realidad de incontables caudillos que creyeron la ilusion de "Con Apoyo del Tio Sam sere Elegido" es tan comun porque cayeron derrotados. Cuando hicieron todo lo q el Tio Sam les mando hacer, sin embargo porque los candidatos presidenciales divididos fueron derrotados en elecciones? El tio Sam alimento su codicia personal a cada uno de los candidatos, lo cual significa el Tio Sam tenia marcadas todas las cartas del poker politico bajo su control& a ul

Xiamara Castro Z becomes presidential candidate of Honduras!

Good Omen: Xiamara Castro Zelaya  becomes presidential candidate of Honduras! Years ago fascism overthrew President Zelaya from Honduras, unjustly! Today, his brave& charismatic wife, @ Xiamara CastroZ became the presidential candidate capable to defeat them and claim back the presidency of Honduras, for the People, by the people and of the people!

Fake FB...!

      Fake FB...!               By Domi Mamani M Indigenous exiled Mallku Felipe Campos had forewarned us 3 years ago, that FB, Apple,Google, Amazon...are transforming true Democracy to Fake-Democracy/Authoritarian Theocrats, in most countries! He pointed out FB colluded with the Authoritarian Chinesse Gov& its disclosure of names, cost countless true democratic yearning chinesse lives! Money has no scruples but self interest of this breed of Temple's money changers for the third millenium! Each country must have their own national social media & not these unchecked global social media, because they are secretive& not transparent, are not fair, not democratic, not accountable& they are monopolists and/or cartel olygopolists! They must be broken like AT&T Corp & Microsoft ( windows2)! We don't know quantitatevely what exact percent in FB are fake accounts but studying patterns through FB's social algorythm& statistic models, estimate it'

Defending our Climate generation after generation: Bertha&Lauri Zuniga Caceres

Defending our Climate generation after generation: Bertha&Lauri Zuniga Caceres!      By Domi Mamani M/04/13/21 Bertha Caceres was not speaking and posing for media to Defend our climate& mother Earth. Bertha was leading mass civil Disobedience in Honduran streets& forests, to protect not only biodiversity and forests but human health& human life, because we all depend globally on forests, biodiversity, flora, fauna, glaciars& permafrost& oceans! And there is no food, no oxygen to breath, no water& no life without them, because we can't eat paper money nor drink gold, oil, carbon& gas nor breath methane, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide nor fracking water or mining-water-poisoned with arsenic, lead, chromiun, cadmiun... Uselessly we can talk till BlackRock and its oil corporations keep increasing more than their 9 trillion dollars and silenty resign to be gased to death in coffin-cars rather than extermination trains as in WWII, these same oil corporati

How many millions/billions of vaccinated people shall loose their lives unjustly?

How many millions/billions of vaccinated people shall loose their lives unjustly? Never mind Ottoman Ugur Sahim& his wife Tureci along with their pharmaceutical cohorts created speculative prices by creating global vaccine scarcity. And now they are making countless billions of euro profits by selling their pseudo-vaccine , alleging they are vaccines that immunize you from getting sarscovid2 infections! Now lab made sarscovid2 has increase countless mutations of said virus, rendering their vaccine useless, because vaccinated people and non-vaccinated are getting reinfected by countless pandemic mutations like Brazil's P1. But  Sahim-Tureci's Biontech-Phyzer and their cohort pharmaceutical vaccine makers, instead of admitting their original antipandemic has no more market because of being useless to the mutations viruses, they figureit out marketing ads to sell Booster shots like hot br eads, now they are expanding their labs to increase production of their pseudo vaccines

Vaccinated and Non-vaccinated are getting reinfected alike...

Vaccinated &Non- Vaccinated are getting reinfected alike by countless mutating pandemic viruses! Having survived covid19 and continued to wash frequently with desonfectant ,wear anticovid gear& we kept social distance to decrease reinfection chances from any mutant pandemic, didn't spare us from P1, the highly contagious and fast killer pandemic from Brazil. March first we went to a ski resort and had a nice weekend skying, then returned home. Days after my family began to feel bone pain and ectreme fatigued and the next down woke up overfatigued and with derp pain in the morrow of my bones, especially on my humerus. Uneasy getting up, said to everyone, we,re getting a test. We got the tests and they kept us on IV and were asked to sign on to be quarentined for P1 infection. Knowing hospitals are breathing grounds for all sorts of illnesses we opted to go home and temained most of March quarentined at home. My grandchildren and daughters health first and i was the la

Irresponsible corporatists corporations endanger humans?

Irresponsibly Corporatist gas corporations endanger humans? The problem of toxic contamination injuriing residents is common problem, globally. The Oil& gassing corporations attempt to continue silencing people from peacefully  protesting in disagreement with irresponsible gas corporations. This gassing costs people to suffer from life threatening  health conditions like Asma, learning cognitive neurological disabilities, cardiovascular illnesses, etc, caused by arsenic, lead, etc So Cal evaded & hid to avoid from answering for decades of gasing people at West Ventura, Ca. And acting through proxy, threatened people to be silent about their West Ventura's leaking gas compressor, seemingly to hide the levels of arsenic, lead contamination to thousands of residents. So Cal continues to secretly seeking permits to expand from 3 to at least 6 turbines of compressor. 6 turbines would cause another Porter Ranch high toxic area, this time for countless West Ventura residents&

Rojas Mamani vs Sanchez de Lozada& Sanchez Berzain!

Rojas Mamani vs Sanchez de Lozada& Sanchez Berzain It's been little less than 2 decades of legal work by our humanity's defenders of Human rights of The Center4 Constitutional rights, Harvard university human rights Network clinic; Gump, Strauss& Feld LLP;Schonbrun, Seplow, Harriss& Hoffman LLP And the living relatives of scores of unarmed, peaceful indigenous victims of low intensity genocide's victims during Black Octuber/gaswar in Bolivia, AKA, Mamani v Sanchez De Lozada& Sanchez Berzain.  Under the Amendment for Victims of torture survivors/TVTPA. 10 million dollar verdict reinstated by Trial court, leaves pending the legal claim/cause for wrongul deaths ordered by the Appelate court, because biased US trial District court exceeded its discretion in the first trial. I Domitila Mamani M, am not a plaintiff or party to the above verdict, but a simple Mamani. A Mamani descendant of legendary& historic hero Of the Unjust Pacific war of 1879's vic

Victory for all victims of human rights violations!

Victory for all victims of human rights violations! Below is the hard work of Center for Constitutional rights, Harvard Law school international Human Rights Network clinic; Gump Straus& Feld LLP; Scombrun, Seplow, Harris& Hoffmann, whose pro bono's 14 years exhausting job against the high powered lawyers of Bill Clinton& Barck Obama, yieled the undoubted legal victory of immunity & impunity crimes of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada & his cousin Sanchez Berzain gas war military crimes against American-Bolivian-indigenous unarmed peaceful protestors. Many killed fleeing, hiding& farming bystanders farming in their minifundio plots of land! Its a joyful moment after almost 2 decades of pain, blood,tears&sweet for victims relatives and legal brains for the people, by the people&of the people cited above, among them our friend& neighbor Tommy Becks, you can follow him at @   mrtommybecks

Extreme right wing vs moderate center right

Extreme Right wing vs Moderate center Right wing! By DomiMamaniM Granted lab made sarscovid2 is a permanent economically unstabilizing factor worldwide, financing and creating laws to finish arsoning irreversibly ancient trees that took milleniums to make rain forests and are melting down permafrost and glaciars with oilCarbonGas pandemics, and acidifying oceans toxically are making extractive capitalism a universally rejected economic model that is about to cross #ThePointofNORETURN and extinguishing not only flora& fauna& biodiversity but humanity at the hands of less than 1% elite breed of people made up by BlackRock, which talks of never ending transition off #OilCarbonAndGas but increases 20 fold even at SarsCovid2 crisis time, because they only care for profit as a means to preserve perpetual power for themselves! What happens in the geopolitical center of the American Continent, are the common policies happening in most parts of the world, specially in our American C

Pax Romana...

Open letter to Jose Fuentes   Re: Pax Romana of pacification Your thesis is Anez along with CEB and the people of Bolivia led the people to pacificacion since Black November 12th 2019 and that she is the victim of persecution and must be released unconditionally and looking forward and not back, is the way to lasting a lasting Pax Romana for Bolivians. I disagree because you are selling indulgences to people who committed HR violations and multiple penal crimes, among sedition, multiple genocide and crimes against humanity and must be hold accountable for their multiple crimes according to the Lay State's CPE and penal laws. Vicariously you chose the lying narrativa to forget her crimes and allege Anez is the crying Mary Magdalene who is being victimized by pagan indigenous men's made laws and that the coup is an imaginary coup, that she was coerced to become president of Bolivia Those are your pious lies! The facts show Anez colluded with dark lynch mobster OAS' secre

David vs Goliath...!

David vs Goliath in the matter against genociders of Indigenous-American-Bolivians! Granted crown Spanish coloniasts used the armed forces to genocide  not only indigenousAmeri an Bolivians but all other american indigenous under their imposed dynastic crown. Since the Monroe Doctrine the USA white elite in gov has acted as if they owned from tip to tip the American gov. And for that purpose the USA elite in gov has used the armed forces to carry out genocide after genocide of indigenous-American- Bolivians with immunity and impunity by military coup makers, like R Barrientos, H Banzer, L Garcia-Arce Gomez, Goni Sanchez de Lozada's military and Jeanine Anez Ch. The USA elite in gov in both parties as Goliath has insured its civil contractors receive immunity & impunity and this has extended more strongly for their civil contractors in US Soil are not extradited. Case in point Goni Sanchez de Lozada& his defense minister sanchez  Berzain will never be extradited from the U

irresponsible govs are exposing you to deadliest 3rd wave of covid!

Irresponsible govs are exposing you to deadiest 3rd wave of covid! Most countries, incluiding Europe, to avoid loosing millions of their citizens infected and dead, are sacrificing their PIB growth and closing their borders. They are closing their borders are to decrease sarscovid2 infection  rates by multiple mutating highly infectious pandemics and by countless asymtomatic carriers& emigrants. But thereare some deaf, mute and blind govs who refuse to hear the requests of experts to close temporarily their borders, because they are irresponsible economists who care not for their citizens health and lives. These irresponsible economists are obessed-compulsive money greedy individuals whose political interest is PIB or GDP growth that excludes in their economic mistaken model, the real costs of lives, flora, fauna, biodiversity and quality of life. Mallku Felipe Campos asked Mesa, Morales, Anez&Arce to stop burning& traiding arsoed lands for votes, stop feminicides, stop

Pseudo vaccines or blood serum treatment is best for you...

Pseudo vaccines or blood serum treatment is best for you to keep you alive& well? People with pre-existing renal, cancerous& other serious pre-existing medical conditions, must understand and their gov must understand, they have an immunity deficiency which compounded with any sarscovid2 vaccine is likely to kill them! Germany is banned vaccinating people with pre-medical existing health problems, along with multiple european countries! UK has vaccinated with Aztraseneca/VaxZevria pseudo- vaccines to senior citizens and vaccinated people 16/10k died as a consequence of BLOOD CLOTHS After being injected with pseudo-vaccine vaxzevria! Over 16/10K German young people died of bloth cloths caused by Vaxzevria and now the German State is banned Vaxzevria in Germany, because it produces brain strokes due to blood cloths caused by Vaxzevria pseudo vaccine produced by English- sweedish-OxfordUniversity pharmaceutical. Banned in multiple european countries, money hungry owners of th

Your Call for peace& reconciliation is for immunity ad impunity...

Open letter to O Ortiz, C Mesa,LFCamacho&Jose Fuentes Re: Your Call for peace& reconciliation is for immunity& impunity for you BlackNovember Coup D'etat makers! Dear sirs: No pertenezco ni a evo ni a ningun politiquero latifundista como Uds q han estado incendiando el patrimonio Nal forestal& fauna & fueron parte del golpe. You allege to seek the rights for your elite minority  rights & allege you are the defenders of Morality& Democracy and want not to be victims of revenge but immunity and impunity for you, the Coup makers! The facts are: You& your parties& CEB, military, police and paramilitary were partaking conspirators, seditious and terrorizing the people of Bolivia, to seize power and Anez committed those crimes along with you. When evo offered you Mesa, a new election why didn't you defend morality and democracy and the People, instead of lie-screaming "fraud" without any evidence and then co-leading the civic- mili

Beware of deadly Vaxzevria& neverending booster shots...

Beware of deadly VaxZevria& neverEnding booster shots, like annual flu vaccines!            By Abby Cantor Does it matter to hide the truth when people are desperate to get any shot labeled "vaccine"? Measles vaccine is made of a dead measles virus, which identifies the measles virus and stops it, hence permanently saves you from measles! All so called sarscovid2 vaccines do not use the whole virus but a piece of it, which is injected to you & then it helps you to identify the sarscovid2 infection attacking & is supposed to cause creation of antigens for the purpose to stop it and save you for all your lifetime. Wrong asumption & wrong expectation to be lifetime protected from sarscovid2 pandemic, because it fails, you get infected and you infect others. Why does it fail to protect you lifetime and doesn't take you back to your past normalcy? It's not a true vaccine but misrepresented as such, so its a political- vaccine/pseudo vaccine but it ide

Muerte de la Esperanza o resurreccion de la justicia Boliviana?

Carta Abierta a Ron MacLean: Re: Muerte de la Esperanza o resurreccion de la Justicia Boliviana? Tu mayor enfoque es tu venganza personal irresuelta contra Evo, quien no es mas q uno de los muchos& su tiempo ya acabo& nunca mas sera presidente, asi q tu derrochas espacio de tu columna politica, como decias tu en el pasado en la universidad de Harvard, ante tus alumnos, en Bolivia te contradicescon tu consejo moral, " Stop beating a dead dog with a broken stick"& Alegas sin evidencia legal q Evo cometio fraude.  Luis Almagro de la OEA, es el autor de las alegadas irregularidades del voto, xq diferentes instituciones internacionales auditoras de excelente reputation, como el MIT, el CLACSO, etc, demostraron que no hubo fraude& Almagro falsifico su auditoria con distorsiones de data& tu no tienes asidero legal para alegar fraude electoral 2019! A ver muestra tus evidencias? No las tienes! Pero los hechos de Anez por secuestrar, torturar a familiares de

ANSCLAD...debe aprender a obedecer al pueblo& a la CPE!

ANSCLAD VIOLA CPE& debe aprender a obedecer al Pueblo&a la CPE!      Por Domi Mamani M Apenas sediciosos de ANSCLAD declaren paro, Uds deben obtener Orden judicial prohibiendo-paros-de simpatia-con- golpistas& q retornen al trabajo bajo pena de ser despedidos& si no obedecen, no solo despedirlos por abandono de su fuente de trabajo e incumplimieto de deberes, sino solicitar orden de arresto judicial por desacato de orden judicial, al no regresar a su fuente de trabajo como mandaba la orden judicial! Asi despedidos permanentemente del trabajo, ANSCLAD aprendera a someterse a CPE q entre otras manda " La policia no puede deliberar ni ser politica sino a cumplir con sus funciones de preservar el orden publico& acatar las ordenes de los poderes del Estado" Comparativamente hay un legado internacional: la fiscalia de EEUU solicito q gran sindicato PATCO cese paro huelguista. Desacataron y fiscalia pidio a la corte y esta ordeno q PATCO vuelva a trabajar xq

Carlos Mesa G pacifier or a grave digger?

Open letter to Carlos Mesa G Re: Pacifier or a grave digger? Dear Mesa: You self praise yourself as a pacifier. Killing unarmed indigenous and my little niece during Black  October 2003 with Goni& SDeLozadaBerzain, how can you call yourself a pacifier, in addition to having burned alive billions of live-animals& trees, then gave 10 million hectars of burned land to Latifundists 4 votes? Pocketing money & starving bolivians but incompetent& cowardly resigning, how can you call that uniting and fighting for Bolivians? Loosing elections in 2019 and alleging there was a fraud, you, DMedia,Anez, Camacho, the military& police executed a CoupD'etat, and then implanted Anez for president. How can you call it democraticly saving the country? Endorsing your accomplice Anez's genocide by decree4078, genocided in Sacaba&Senkata, how can you call Anez a victim, when she was the victimizer of 36 unarmed, 400 wounded& 1600persecuted people& countless ex