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Open letter to Hong Kongers, in re: Time of decisions!

Open letter to Hong Kongers In re: Time of decisions! Dear Hong Konger sisters& brothers: The past treaty about your future was short changed by the signatories. USA&EU&UK have failed to apply economic sanctions that could dent your opressor to live up to its obligations, who is unjustly materializing its oppressive National Security law, copied from the USA's National Security Act/law. Your unjust opressor knows they are not going to embargo nor apply economic punishment nor risk an all out war for you and keeps prematurely but cold and calculated advance to consolidateits fascist gov over Hong Kong now. The reality is if You Hong Kongers continue fighting against your opressor is an unjust enormously uneven fight sadly marked for defeat and camp internments as the ones for Uigurs, Tibetans...and beyond moralistic & media support these western powers are not going to fight to save you. The chinesse gov is clamping down to avoid capital flight. I can't li

To the people of Bolivia!

To the People of Bolivia: In re: EvoLucho I Domitila Mamani am an exilee woman & a peaceful veteran& retired academician who knows the reality of Bolivia as the palm of my hand and latinAmerica as my body. Peaceful Civil Disobedience for Bolivian Democracy and the Defense of Pachamama and my people, cost me exile but i have no rancor because with other peaceful social movement idealists have been able to change dictatorial  military govs& pseudoDemocratic regimes in Bolivia. Among those are Evo& I am working on the change of LuisArce, who is simply the altered-ego& puppet of Evo Morales: Evolucho EvoluchoArce& Evo are the khara&liar-revolutionaries who produced the bolivian EvoLuchon, that is a FALSE REVOLUTION! In 15 years Evo& EvoluchoArce didn't changed an iota of the Latifundio-capitalism in Bolivia. They didn't change the economic capitalist structure in Bolivia! They didn't change the political system because they never produced an

No Trees, No Electric Power, No Electric. GM holds is hostsge to the guzzlers.

No trees no electric power no electric cars, GM keeps you captive with their guzzlers! # FraudsterGMDeceiveUsDayDreamingTill2035 but not a commitment! # WeNeedSolarCarsAndNotElectricCars because there is no water because # increasing land for larger production of soy& red meat for exports to the EU, Blackrock financed with countless billions of dollars and euros to Transgenic Soy & RedMeatCorps who Are Burning Forests Globallyand without forests,  U will get # Dry Hydroelectric Plants and miles of electric cables without produccing any electrical powet and GM gets youbto stick to Useless combustion Guzzlers vehicles # so remember and remind fraudster GM car maker, There Are No Trees To Produce Rains and if they day dream to planting trillion of trees, tell them the truth: plantines die without rain and you will never get any new forest to produce adult trees, bc it takes half a century to have adult trees to cause sudor-vaporization  to have trees, but with permanent drough

Vaccines KO your Immune System& likely your life!

Vaccines KO your immune system& likely your life! PartIV "Sahim-Tureci, Faucci, all pharmaceutichals& govs having digital inteligence& robots to do their dirty work, implicitelly seem to be executing population reduction through biowarfare's pandemic vaccines. You turn on your computer& navigate or turn on your tv or radio or smart phone and they are causing you panic, hysteria, anxiety and hook you to their global pitch of vaccine sales. Not onlybto sarscovid2 vaccine but to their many booster vaccines and significant amount of humanity have been converted into children who must show their multiple upgrades of sarscovid vaccines. They start you with a sarscovid2 vaccine, then tell you to be ready for a booster vaccine/upgraded vaccine, then tell you be ready for other booster pandemic vaccines. Having converted you from a human guinea pig, to a money making robot- pacman, just as pacman, have eating, "pac, pac, pac" countless booster vaccines/up

Lucho nos Genocida con Vacunas q no protegen contra pandemias mutantes!

Lucho Nos Genocida con Vacunas q no protegen contra pandemias mutantes! @LuchoXBolivia # Vacunas No Protegen Contra Mutantes Pandemias globales triple- infecciosas& Mortiferas:CoronaB.1.1.7; CoronaSudAfrica; CoronaBrazil # Lucho Nos Genocidas Desde Dec5 Rachazaste Cuarentena & con Pandemias. En 997 Dias Renunciaras igual Q Evo Cobarde # Bolivia

Sahim&Tureci, we demand for you to be vaccinated with your own invented vaccine, publicly& see if you live or resurrect PartIII!

Sahim&Tureci we demand for you  to be vaccinated with your own invented vaccine, publicly& see if you live or resurrect! PartIII Black Rock Corporatists Merchants of Death, who are genoding anually 70 million humans with their Pandemic Fossil Fuel, carbon, neverending Oil wars& lab-man made mrna SarsCovid2, in the past years seeing the global Climate Defenders' global protests grow, kidnapped us away from protesting against Carbon pandemic, and relentlessly media brainwashing us, they flood the airwaves& talk of sarsCovid2' milion casualties and are vaccine ho to compel vaccination through implicit compulsory vaccination policies or you get segregated for questioning their implicit compulsory pandemic vaccination, while covering up, the inherit global threat of sarsCovid2 vaccineGenocide, bc their vaccines have a pattern of flaws& cover ups to avoid being exposed as a flawed vaccine which doesn't protect secure & efficiently your health and life: V

Climate Catastrophe in Siberia?

Climate Catastrophe in Siberia? If it's not ClimateCatastrophe tell me why is still burning& mankind has no power to stop it, unless everyone #GiveUpCombustionCoffinCars & #JoinCivilDisobedienceRoundOilRefineries #AbolishFossilFuelAndCarbonGenocideOfHumanity , killing annually  over 70millionInnocents #SolarVegan

AztraSeneca...not a poor...underperforming sarsCovid2 vaccine? (PartII)

Why AztraSeneca insists their vaccine is magic & not a poor 8-10% underperforming vaccine? (PartII) "All these global vaccine makers are flawed of having excluded systematically underage patients, pregnant women and/or sufficient percent of senior citizens in their clinical- medical trial phase 3 when they were seeking an international sanitary patent for their vaccines and govs, congresses, USFDA& EMA rather than protect humanity and their citizens failed to uphold the usual rigorous medical-scientific standards which take about 5 years until they reject or aprove a patent for any given vaccine or medicine. In the case of pandemic vaccines they threw away the rigorous standards for aproval of vaccines, govs day dreaming with Going back to fossil fuel& carbon economic GDP groth now, prefinanced them with countless billions and irresponsibly rushed politically to have the USFDA& EMA TO aproved them and with secret signed contracts are irresponsibly exposing the hea

Let's save the Monarch butterflies!

Let's save the Monarch butterflies! I've been blessed by being friended by many beneficial insects, birds, hummingbirds, bees, butterflies& so on. In a patch of land, I have cared for whoever visits me. To the birds i have given them back, the food they fertlized and i watered and shared it with them. To the beautiful hummingbirds i make sure their feeders of nectar are full daily! To the different butterflies, including the monarch butterflies, made sure milkweed and flowers are there for them to feed and reproduce. I ache reading monarch the beautiful& colorful Monarch butterflies are about to go extinct. They are precious as larvae feeding on  passion fruit leaves, milkweed, then once they gain weight, they make their own hardened coocoon and weeks after, one sees them being born. If each of us care for them, they will keep fertilizing and feeding us with flowers and fruits and their happy presence will enhance our lives and give us some natural joy! We need to save

Boeing's deceptive green fuel engines!

Boeing's deceptive green fuel engines! Boeing plans of creating and getting its new fleets of planes to work with an approved engine which works 50-50, to get FAA's approval 50-50 means, half of fossil fuel and the other half of transgenic Agrofuel or Animal fat. Boeing alleges their 50-50 engine will revolucionize and exaggeratelly call it the green fuel engine. But their engine is only going to revolutionize their art of lying bc its not green bc it uses deforestation& depleating trangenic  plants and animal fat to make 50% agrofuel annd 50% of aviation fossil fuel. To grow animal fat& transgenic plants to get agrofuel it destroys irreversibly forests, biodiversity, desertificacion, drought, destroys aquifers with agrochemicals and its production of agrofuel causes deadly polution as does their fossil fuel. So the consequences of these 50-50 Boeing engines are death by GHG. Schemes like this only have for label " revolution" & "green fuel&quo

Reject UN's ICAO'S Decarbonization scheme...

Reject UN's ICAO's Decarbonization scheme for travel corporations& airlines! UN'S ICAO'S plan is a failure Decarbonization policy created on failed voluntarism as failed Paris Agreement and buys 6 years polution freedom before this failed ICAO world polict takes off. And uses the same concoction offset policy as the Paris Agreement of carbon credit, whether they actually plant trees and if they plant trees then burnet it, yet they still count as Decarbonizing it, after the trees are burn. I tell them we don't believe your scheme produces any meaningful decarbonization! How stupid do they think we are, to believe aviation travel corporations' who pollute over 2.5% GHG of the total carbon pollution, they can get us to suck our thumbs about their false decarbonization scheme? Voluntarism is a deception. Voluntarism is inenforceable. Voluntary decarbonization quotas are the cheaters preferred scheme and it harms our planet ICAO needs to be abolishes bc is a

Is BlackRock about to manage/ govern globally as Joseph the ruler( part1)

Is Blackrock about to manage/govern globally as Joseph the ruler?  (Part1) Less than 1% is OligarchicElitistCorporatist destructive religious-racist people who monopolizes the vast mayority of wealth, oil military industrial corporations. Who manages Humanity by StateTerror, Neverending OilWars, digital global media, who perpetuates Oil&carbon Pandemic, biowarfare including man made mrna sarscovid2, covidB.1.1.7. The evil 1% is embodied in #BlackRock Global management corporation who is unnaccountable, immune & impune, not transparent, not fair, Undemocratic.  They unacountably run the Federal Reserve Board, IMF, World Bank, ParisAgreement, etc. BlackRock manages globally, meaning BlackRock governs globally without being elected. BlackRock govs through 3rd parties like presidents. BlackRock is secret private property& beyond their secret board meetings, BlackRock is not accountable to anyone on Earth as it finances the global forest-burnings to impose transgenic food&

Vacuna no nos protege! Vacuna no nos protege!  @ LuchoXBolivia Somos Masistas que disentimos contigo: Desde Dec 5 2020 Rechazaste Cuarentena E impones vacunas Sputnik Sin Patente EMA a pesar q conoces Israelies vacunados quedaronInfectados! Mutante Covid B.1.1.7 infecta globalmente 30% Mas Mortifero que SarsCovid2! TU mismoTumbasTu Gbno & nos Genocidas Sin Cuarentena p Y Vacunas Q No protegen pero asintomaticamente infectan&Nos genocidan # JusticiaComunitaria Pa Lucho Mata Indigenas

WHO, please stop vaccinating people!

WHO, please stop vaccinating people! @antonioguterres People put their faith to be protected by vaccine, to go back to normalcyBut after 2 weeks VaccinatedPeopleGotSarscovid2Infected! Infected people are shedding& infecting others! NO MORE EXCUSES: #VaccinesRInfecting #WHOstopVaccineGenocide

Without water there is no life...!

Without water there is no life but excruciating painful extinction! # Bolivian Civil Disobedience Water Warriors defeated  Bechtel's attempt to lease rain water with speculative prices! # BlackRock Global Management gives a hoot for 8 Billion peoplr! #Fracking too keeps Contaminating GroundWater &air&soil& biodiversity& # MakingUsExtinct! As soon as it subsides SarsCovud2, wearing double mask and jeeping social distance #JoinbCivilbDisobediencebTo Preserve clean drinking Water bc we can't drink money, nor eat profit when there is no more drinking& sanitized water

Deadly Carbon Pandemic deception: Paris Agreement!

Deady Carbon Pandemic deception: ParisAgreement! Paris Agreement's Oil&carbon perpetuation deceptionSchemes by G20&BRICS cheating their own pledges perpetually while legalizing More genocide of reminder20% biodiversity with carbon tax&Double CarbonCredit&CCS 4Humanity to accept 20X oil&Carbon increase inExchangeOf BeggarsChange

Racista Lucho Arce mentiroso& genocida de Indigenas!

Racista Lucho Arce mentiroso& genocida de Indigenas! # Nos Matas Con Hambruna Corona Vacunas Sin Patente Sanitaria Y Con Mutaciones Pandemicas Globales SinVacuna Y Exilias Al Mallku Felipe Campos 15Años Te Burlas Ampliando CI Pero Haces Desaparecer Su Acta De Nacimiento & finges dolor x el Mallku Felipe Quispe #Arce Racista Protector De Milicos Genocidas como Cuellar # Con Cada Muerto Caes

BlackRock's oil partner, Aera offers virtual/false salvation!

BlackRock's partner, Aera offers virtual/false salvation! In reply to BlackRock's oil parter Aera's Operations manager, Will Spear, "The role of oil& carbon in the community&thecarbon economy" Reporter, Vol45, issue2, Ventura, California, he projects his oil industry's wishful dreams of NetCarbon Zero economy past 2050 by an all volunteer without enforcement  laws& club Paris Agreement and building jobs beyond our comunity by only using their deceptive oil& gas technology, through their concocted scheme of Carbon Capture& Storage/CCS, with double credit carbon emissions, alledging it will benefit us all in a distant future 2050 and enjoy perpetual heaven of oil& gas in  combustion cars. But wrongly assumes "There is Not a 'Now and here' solution" but distant 2050  on the terms & conditions projected by their global oil and gas corporations, Net carbon zero through the Paris agreement is unfeasible& unenforcea

Are seditious military officers above the rule of law?

Are seditious military officers above the rule of law? Despite luxurious trillion$us anual pentagon budget, it's active& passive servicemen, who we tax payers pay them 100%retirement fat pensions, are seditious against us. We demand Congress to investigate countless seditious& high treasonous pentagon officers to be in vestigated& penally tried them for their crimes! We covid starving Americans, demand the pentagon return the trillions received& be defunded bc its madness to deny our children social programs& food, to fatten these treasonous combat dressed seditious officers, (See the evidence) like Lt Cnel Larry Rendell Brock, who had in his possesion plastic cuffs for congressmen, to kidnap them& forcefully have them change their votes for Trump, one of the masterminds of the seditious act! How come these fat pensioners are receiving Public Defenders, as fake indigents? Is discrimibatory to continue to give 100% pension to seditious military officers a

There is no magic cure!

There is no magic cure! There isn't a single magic vaccine cure 4Mutating virus pandemics! As a matter of fact, grandparents GenerationSurvived 1918InfluenzaVirus choosing one: 1)Natural immune system 2) Others dealt byBeing vaccinated&each year get a new improved flu vaccine #ChooseBloodPlasmaNoVaccine

...loosing our 1st Amendment for somebody else's act?

Unjustly, why are we loosing our first amendment for somebody else's act? Ordinary americans we agree impeachment& penal trial4 Trump's -planed Jan6th Sedition! We don't accept BlackRock corporatism misusing failed sedition to up-the-ante by taking the People's peaceful Assambly right, redress grievance, Free speech& invasion ofPrivacy byBigBrother to ban the people from peacefully protesting BlackRocks perpetuating pandemic FosssilFuel&carbon that threatens our human existance. Its totally unacceptable to ban Trump's 1st amendment w/o first finding him guilty and is absolutelly unnaceptable that corporatist-FakeCitizens in violationof USA's co nstitution to ban him, unser the false premise, private corporatism is above the constitution&the rule of law and it has the rightto ban Trump. That happens to racist seditious Trump, sentence him & throw the key away but don't impose fascist ban of 1st amendment to the unsentenced president, bc

Poema de Madres Adoloridas!

Poema de Madres Adoloridas! XJuliaEsPuebloDeGabineteIndio Aiy hermanas miren como han asesinado a nuestros hijos marcando sus craneos como ganado de reses LatifundistasCambas Banzer&Garcia contratistas de la Cia! Con q dolor los llevamos por 9 meses & parimos a los frutos de nuestras entranas con q dolor miramos& tocamos sus cuerpos torturados, marcados como ganado antes de ser cobardemente asesinados por estos condoresMilicos hijos de proxenetas cia! A nuestros amados hijos con q sacrificio los hicimos crecer& educamos pero estos milicosHijosDeBurdeles Y padres alcahuetes, Sin conciencia alguna Los torturaron hasta matarlos a culatazos. Al escuchar cuentos de mar, ansiosos Banzer&Guzman abrazaron a oPinochet Y con otros contratados asesinaron incluso al JJTorrez. Y cuando Marcelo Q SantaCruz hablo de enjuiciar milicosGenocidas Banzer corrio a NatuschBush& con Golpe evito lo enjuicenXGenocidio Inestable Natush& Lidia Gueiler fueron golpeado

Luis Arce Ladron de Glorias Ajenas!

LuisArce ladron de glorias ajenas! #IntiYChatoPeredoSacrificaroSusVidasContraLatifundioMarinkoviches #IntiFueAsesinadoCobardementeComoAMarceloSantaCruzYaChatoLeDestrozaronSuVidaConTorturaSicologicaYsufrioPTSDHastasuMuerte #DictadorGarciaTorturoAFelipeCampos #EvoAñezYTuLuchoLoExilian15AñosXqDemandoAbolirLatifundio

Brothers& sisters hold on against vaccination!

Brothers& Sister hold on against Vaccination: We're among the few who know pharmaceutical& govs with their different brands of sarscovid2 vaccines are basing their implicit compulsory vaccination policy on dangerous assumptions which can potentially produce mass genocide by innoculation: interchangeabiity of brands of vaccines; second dose is given multiple months after; sarcovid vaccine2 is assumed to hopefully work on CovidB.1.1.7! Do not proceed o vaccination bc we need to trial and get enough medical data phase3 on blood plasma of pandemic survivors which provides immunity's 10  billion genetic blue prints,which are naturally produced by our human body to find a global cure to mutating pandemic viruses which are very dangerous to our human existance& there is no current vaccine against them& UgurSahim knows it and that's why he is not allowing anyone to vaccinate him even with his own invented vaccine which was politically rushed to be approved and is

Arce es Gbno secreto sin Transparencia!

Arce es Gobierno Secreto sin Transparencia! Desde Dec5 2020 rehuzaste Cuarentenarnos! Con cada muertoXCoronaB.1.1.)7 q causas&tu negativa de mostrarnos patenteInternacionalSanitariaPaTuSputnik&cada dia q exiliasAlDrCampos, te hundes. Al aumentar muertosXPandemia&XTuSputnik no vas a poder seguir ocultando a tus incontables victimas&ComoAnezYMesa fracasas xtu falta de transparencia,Honestidas&PalabrasVacias!

Unjustly banning Climate Defenders on Jan20th 2021!

Unjustly banning Climate Defenders on Jan20th 2021! Germany& NewComer r PlanningToBanFreedomOfAssamblyRedressingGrievanceFreeSpeechAndDeprivationOfPrivacy by enacting laws # UnderJan6thAttemptedSedition ! #NeverParticipatedInAnySeditionButkeep Defendingnour Constitution # InnocentAndPeacefulClimateDefendersRbannedFromProtestingOilPandemicOnJan20th2021

Congress... to take remainder of our Constitutional rights?

Congress missusing Jan6th seditious act to take remainder of our constitutional rights? To avoid prison CorporatistSeditiousMcConell sentSenators home to deny 2/3Senators from convicting Trump. As taxPayer&Innocent condemn: 1) SeditiousCorporatistsMcConnellCruz... 2)AllCongressThat deniedSubsidizingThePeople during gloobal Covid Pandemic 3) All congress using January6th seditious attempted by corporatists # ToTakeAwayOurConstitutionalRightsofAssamblyRedressGrievancesFreeSpeechAndPrivacyFromBigBroGovInstrusion 4)Overfunding anuallyTrillion$ EvilMilitary&Police whose seditious act speaks by itself wrongi g our constitution& wronging 333 million Americans& wronging our USA!

Unenforceable Paris Agreement...

Unenforeceable ParisAgreement, the greatest Sham of Human History! # WeAreLivingClimateCatastrophe # ParisAgreement2050CarbonZeroVoluntarismIsUneforceable # TooLittleTooLate # BlackRockGlobalManagementIsGasGenocidingUsWithCombustionCoffinCarsAndHotestClimateIncinerator # WhereTheyAreMakingUsExtinctHumans AgainstOurWill # JoinPeacefulCivilDisobedience To save ourselves, our children& grandchildren& Humanity and all living beings away from irreversible Extinction! DANKE SCHOEN!

We're living climate Catastrophe now...

We're living climate catastrophe now& not in 2030, 2050 or later! With 2 Covid masks&social distancing #JoinCivilDisobedience or BlackRock will keep starving us & gasing us to Extinction in coffin cars& blame the victims 4driving FossilFuelCombustion cars

Too little too late the empty pentagon letter to the People?

Too little too late the empty pentagon letter to the People? Inmune and impune used to execute Coups globally, the Pentagon evades to answer why countless military officers in active and passive service, were plainclothes & wearing tactical military gear, involved in the failed Seditious attempts against 333 million Americans, congress, the Constitution& the USA! And why is the pentagon devaluating the serious seditious act against the People's representatives, by miscalling it " 1stAmendment protest" When the facts prove countless armed military officers acted seditiously to abort the certification of Elected J Biden- K Harris! It"s too little too late their double talk letter about their acts of January 6th, against Congress. We the people don't believe the Pentagon's empty words bc, their seditious active and passive service members, were involved and their actions speak by themselves, about the seditious attempt, which they let it happen. Wi

Arce Rechaza Cuarentenarnos& NosGenocida con vacunas Sputnik sin Patente!

MientesCon #NoBajemosLaGuardia @LuchoXBolivia estas cometiendo genocidio Desde Dec5 RechazasteCuarentena&con ilegal VacunaSputnikQNoTienePatenteInternacionalSanitaria, convirtiendonos en hallazgos arqueologicos extinguidosSinVida igual q crucenos MarinkovicLatifundistas DescuartizadoresDe Indios

Climate crisis... now we are in climate catastrophe!

Climate crisis... now we're in climate catastrophe! SubAndean& Amazon forest climate defenders tried to open ur  ears&eyes, ParisAgreementVoluntarism is a deception to perpetuate FossilFuelwith a carbon Tax& double carbon credit and hip hop useless euphemisms such resilience, adaptation... FromClimateCrisis we passed to Climate Catastrophe, triggering forests fires, etc. The only peaceful solution tool that works now: MassiveCivilDisobedience around Oil refineries&pipelines to stop 20X increase of deadly gas emissions with which BlackRock like a gasman is gasing us as the Notzees gased 6 million inocent Europeans during WWII. Presently 70 million people per year are being prematurelly being killed with Fossil fuel gases. Wearing double masks& keeping social distancing, soon  JoinMassiveCivilDisobedience Around oil refineries to stop distribution& sales bc we have the right to peacefully defend our lives, our children and grandchildren!

Mentiroso Genocida del pueblo!

Arce Mentiroso Genocida del Pueblo!  @ LuchoXBolivia # Mentiroso Genocida Del Pueblo # Nos Genocidas con vacunas Sputnik Sin Patente InternacionalSanitaria # q No Tiene Data Medica Fase 3! Bajo Tu Mentira  # No Bajemos La Guardia #Dec 5  2020 Rechazaste Cuarentenarnos De La PandemiaB.1.1.7 # Nos Infectaste Y Corona Victimas Estan Abandonadas En Las Calles de # Bolivia

Was the Pentagon attempting to impose a martial law Gov?

Was the Pentagon attempting to impose a martial law gov? Military officers are attached to each congressional office and vets proliferate in congressional candidacies & growing in numbers in Congress, seemingly the Pentagon was an actor of State Power in the January 6th 2021's attempted sedition and embedded with armed militiamen, wearing tactical military gear, along with countless seditious people, racist confederate flags...aided and abetted from within the security aparatus of the capitol and washinghton DC police, these pentagon officers roamed congressional offices and broke into undetermined congressmen's offices& computers unconstitucionallly and illegally stealing sensitive national security information and after their federal criminal acts, after receiving electronic signals and messages, they left undisturbed by the security aparatus. Their actions raises a big brother's specter: Was the annual trillion dollar financed Pentagon attempting to imposr a m

..we're about to loose our remaining constitutional rights!

Post January20th 2021, we are about to loose our remaining constitutional rights! Our country throws out a trillion dollars/annually to the military& Police, economic policy done for decades. A trillion dollars to pay weapons of mass destruction& multiple inteligence services. Nothing moves on Earth w/o intelligence & military services knowingly  allowing it to happen? 9/11 and the attempted sedition against our country happened because from inside the military& police& multiple inteligence services allow it to happen and it is an insider job and that's why they let it happen and with it they created enough appearance of justification to enact extreme Draconian laws against 333 million citizens. We're not conspiracy theorists, we are common sense and tealist, peaceful& climate defenders. We're pointing facts& reality happening in our midsts now. After they let happen 9/11, they created more National security, the pseud  patriot Act/ Freedom my creditor bees!

My prayer to my creditor bees! Mao Tse Tung's Chinesse exterminated these beautiful free gardeners& starved!  Nowadays chinesse spend billions of dollars hand fertilizing to have food! EU&UK want to throw billions to hand fertilize after Exterminating Work 4 Free Gardener Bees! 15th generation # I plant wild Clover and Wild Flowers to feed bees and They Feed Me PlentyFood! Protect them from pesticides& you can feed the bees too! Indebted to you, thank you bees!

Corporatism fascism cutting damage, to perpetuate itself!

Corporatism fascism cutting damage, to perpetuate itself! You've just seen the Aprentice president is a consumated chamaleon! Trump clubber the media for almost 4 years, yelling at them as fake news makers if they ever question his authority of being a naked emperor without clothes, he yelled, intimidated and black listed them as fake newsmen& got away with it. From inside the seargeant at arms office and from the washinghton DC police were aiding and abetting the militiamen who would tresspass and commit sedition against congress, the constitution and the people of the USA. Then Trump incited through twitts his armed gun-ho militiamen, who were aided and abetted by plainclothes off duty military officers and policemen charged and Aryan police who are congressional security officers opened the doors to congress and the mob militiamen flooded into the capitol building, killed 5 inside the capitol and you know it from there. Imagine being a congresswoman who is being obstruct

is Congress going back to business as ususal?

Is Congress going back to business as usual? U S Democracy is corporatist fascism which comes from aryan corporatist-plantation since Hamilton's era, whose identifiable aryan state police has kept  going silent while protecting corporate private property. Whenever civil rights or antifa peaceful protestors protest against climate injustice, social injustice their aryan police has cracked on them with war forbidden tear gas, lead& rubber bullets and cracking the victims heads along with Fed officers & National Guards as they did in Oregon and arrested scores of peaceful citizens, peacefully exercising their constitutional grievances, freedom of assambly and free speech. But when its about armed, violent racist White Aryan militiamen like Kyle Rittenhouse, Proud boys, Qannon...the aryan police embraces them& implicitly accomplice act, aided and abetted them. January 6th 2020 at DC, the washinghton DC police, fed marshalls, secret service agents at the Capitol not only fa

Infamous only today?

Infamous only today? Today white Aryans acted seditiously against  the USA Congress and people ask if this is not an infamous day. But Native Americans were genocided&their land stolen& that's not infamy? For 400 years blacks were enslaved& spanish Americans dispossed of their lands&TreatyViolated& Vietnamese& GIJoe were killed by agent orange& japanese americans fought4USA but white Aryans put their parents camp interned without charge&that's Not Infamy? Americans of this continent move up north but Biden for 8 years deported the childrens parents leaving them homeless& hungry and parentless and that's not infamy? Children broken away from their parents, are calling their mothers as they die of sarscovid2 in ICE camps, unable to understand they are dying separated from their deported or immigration jailed parents and that's not infamous? When have we stopped the infamy? What's wrong with our human selective memory?

Impeach& trial Mr Trump& the 13 seditious congressmen!

Impeach& trial Mr Trump & the seditious 13 Republican congressmen! You may call me what you will, but you must listen to the People who demands Mr Trump be impeached and prosecuted as any outlaw along with his armed militiamen, for committing sedition, terrorism, delieiction of duty, conduct of unbeconing a president and once the jury convicts them, they must serve their sentence as any outlaw seditious, terrorists who obstructed, intimidated & threatened congressmen from deciding Joe Biden as the elected president & for the murder of a police officer& injuries to lawmen at the congressional building. Also the 13 seditious congressmen  lead by Ted Cruz, who attempted to overthrow the peaceful certification of Joe Biden as the current duly elected president of our country!

Wait& See till a new CovidB.1.1.7 vaccine is trialed& aproved!

Wait &see till a new CovidB.1.1.7 vaccine is trialed & aproved! You are told by pharmaceuticals and Oil govs, you have 20% chance to acquire SarsCovid 2 or be protected by antisarscovid2 vaccines. Eith it they provoked  large and small panicked herds rushing to become vaccinated. Once you are vaccinated you run the peril to suffer cross myeline degeneration by Astrazeneca vaccines or facial muscle paralysis by Moderna vaccine, or heart attack by BiontechPhizer vaccine or run the risk to become incapacitated by SputnikV vaccine! What the pro-vaccine pharmaceuticals& oil countries are not telling you, is they refuse to become vaccinated  by their own invented vaccines and above all they are implicitly lying to you, none of their antisarscovid2 vaccines can protect you against supercontagious  mutated covid B1.1.7 pandemic virus and countless other mutated pandemic viruses. All these patented and none patented vaccines give you a false sense of security, bc they are unsa

Putin& Sahim, the Joseph Mengeles of humanity!

Putin& Sahim, the Joseph Mengeles of  humanity! We've forewarned you since De ember 2020 there is no vaccine pharmaceutical corp trialing mutated B.1.1.7 pandemic virus which is spreading globally along tens of new mutations! All these vaccine corps beat the dead dog with a broken stick of sarscovid2 vaccine, which is useless to stop the supercontagious B.1.1.7 Pandemic virus which is spreading globally!   It will becom e common to hear and see people who blindly were corraled at the slaughter house of sars covid2 vaccine centers, who got innoculated and die infected by mutated B.1.1.7 pandemic virus. What went wrong? All the vaccinated victims got vaccinated by sarscovid2 vaccines and you will see them as confirmed infected victims. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to realize these vaccine corporations kept silent about this mutated B.1.1.7 two month old pandemic virus, bc they wanted their obsolete vaccine patented and people vaccinated with their vaccines, wi

Hold your horses until they invent a new vaccine against mutated B.1.1.7 Pandemic virus!

Please hold your horses until they patent a new vaccine against B.1.1.7 Pandemic vaccine! Hey fellow humans: Mutated B.1.1.7 pandemic virus is high infectious pandemic virus throughout the globe and there is no vaccine tested nor patented to stop it, bc this sarscovid2 vaccine is useless before infections by B.1.1.7 mutated  pandemic virus. Have you no foresight that even if in a second 8 billion hunans were to be vaccinated, its a false sense of security, bc we will get infected by mutated B.1.1.7 pandemic virus. Please hold your horses until the USDA& EMA reviews future tests and vaccine applications for patents against mutated B.1.1.7 pandemic virus. Thank you for waiting and being cautious, wear double mask like Faucci, keep soc ou al distance and wash your hands until the USDFA& EMA patent a new vaccine against Mutated B.1.1.7 pandemic virus, instead of being a guinea pig for multiple vaccines that can endanger our lives massively& irreversibly!

...personal decision regarding carbon Pandemic?

What is your personal decision regarding Carbon Pandemic? One of countless irreversible consequences of fossil fuel& coal capitalism is Global arid desertification growing at our door. BlackRock global management is Permafrost and glaciars melting globally by increasing greenhouse gases emissions and our temperature 6-12°C by 2030, which is making our world unlivable and perilous. Climate catastrophe forest fires is another undeniable consequence. Without enforcement mechanism, voluntary pledges of cutting carbon emissions are empty promises and useless propaganda bc all members, specially G-7& BRICS are intencional cheaters and the Paris Agreement is turned from an elm that produces nothing, to a  poison ivy to be consumated at COP26, carbon tax consumation to perpetuate the legalizacion of 20x carbon increase poluttion, in exchange of beggars change. Beggars change of carbon tax AKA death tax for you, paid to Chaeron, the ferryman that ferries you inside a boat or a hors