Are seditious military officers above the rule of law?

Are seditious military officers above the rule of law?

Despite luxurious trillion$us anual pentagon budget, it's active& passive servicemen, who we tax payers pay them 100%retirement fat pensions, are seditious against us.
We demand Congress to investigate countless seditious& high treasonous pentagon officers to be in vestigated& penally tried them for their crimes! We covid starving Americans, demand the pentagon return the trillions received& be defunded bc its madness to deny our children social programs& food, to fatten these treasonous combat dressed seditious officers, (See the evidence) like Lt Cnel Larry Rendell Brock, who had in his possesion plastic cuffs for congressmen, to kidnap them& forcefully have them change their votes for Trump, one of the masterminds of the seditious act!
How come these fat pensioners are receiving Public Defenders, as fake indigents?
Is discrimibatory to continue to give 100% pension to seditious military officers and deny peaceful taxpayet-workers, equal treatmet& equal pay&equal protection of the laws and make these active and passive officers, above the rule of law!

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