AztraSeneca...not a poor...underperforming sarsCovid2 vaccine? (PartII)

Why AztraSeneca insists their vaccine is magic & not a poor 8-10% underperforming vaccine? (PartII)

"All these global vaccine makers are flawed of having excluded systematically underage patients, pregnant women and/or sufficient percent of senior citizens in their clinical- medical trial phase 3 when they were seeking an international sanitary patent for their vaccines and govs, congresses, USFDA& EMA rather than protect humanity and their citizens failed to uphold the usual rigorous medical-scientific standards which take about 5 years until they reject or aprove a patent for any given vaccine or medicine. In the case of pandemic vaccines they threw away the rigorous standards for aproval of vaccines, govs day dreaming with Going back to fossil fuel& carbon economic GDP groth now, prefinanced them with countless billions and irresponsibly rushed politically to have the USFDA& EMA TO aproved them and with secret signed contracts are irresponsibly exposing the health and lives of Humanity and their citizens and  under the Emergency law had them aproved, then implicitly are about to impose a disguised compulsory vaccination of these uncertain vaccines, so penalty of segregation of countless citizens who can't trust in this o vernight cooked sarsCovid2 vaccines. These segregation policies against humans who refused to become vaccinated by these uncertain, unsafe and inefficient vaccines come in different forms such as excluding your children&/or grandchildren from k-12& higher education, airlines, hotels, etc and certificates of negative covid19 tests and worst its already giving room to a black market of 'vaccination certificates' for sale in underdevelopped countries but soon in developping and Developped G-20 & BRICS markets. This means there are legal market's vaccination certificates and illegal 'vaccination certificates' for sale to avoid being unconstitutionally blacklisted and ghetto segregated....sadly the former has become a Notzee birth certificate and the latter has become the victims.
From 1939-1945 my ancestors were lawfare singled out & many of their friends were gassed to unjust death for not having Notzee purity birth certificates.
2019 american scientists releases along chinesse scientists man made MRna sarscovid2. They are dead and humanity is suffering under evil weapons of biowarfare, implicitly seeking to rid of most of humanity/ population control, with SarsCovid2& mutated covidB117& the SouthAfrican & Brazilian and tens of other highly contagious and more deadly global MRNA pandemics and all there is to fight back is  these pharmaceutical politically patented sarscovid2 vaccine but we have our million years old natural immune system which ultimatelly defeated the Spanish Flu Pandemic.
The question is why are uncertain, insecure, unsafe& inefficient sarsCovid2 is being pushed by fossil& carbon economists as the only means to survive"
"When you learned the hard way as Merk pharmaceutical did, you stop pushing for a flawed magic cure bc your vaccine trial is barely 8% efficient& when large numbers of baccinated people stand to die due to your poor efficiency vaccine, the liability costs immensely outweight your profit, so like Merck you gove up your 2 trials of inefficient sarscovid2 Vaccines.
But then you become dumb founded when AztraSeneca who according to confirmation by two german Newspapers, AztraSeneca vaccine among senior citizens yield 8-10% & poorly among underage kids& No data among pregnant women, yet AztraSeneca keeps lying and denying  their vaccine has 8%-10% ( German source: Bild& Handelsblatt Newspapers Jan 26 2021) efficiency against the Pandemic and keeps selling their vaccine, you ask why profit blinds AstraZeneca in vestors to irresponsibly play with the health and lives of countless millions of humans by having them injected with Aztraseneca deficient and potentially deadly vaccines when you can get suit?
They have received countless millions of government money and are protected& are untouchable so long there is a government, then that explains why AztraSeneca keeps selling and distributing like hot bread, their defficient & potentiallt deadly vaccines. And the other pharmaceuticals, got billions of euros& dollars& are protected by govs, so they cause vaccine scarcity to gouge your eyes, bc they are itchy& eager for huge profits at your expense, while they deceive you with their alleged magic vaccines" (follows part III) 

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