BlackRock's oil partner, Aera offers virtual/false salvation!

BlackRock's partner, Aera offers virtual/false salvation!

In reply to BlackRock's oil parter Aera's Operations manager, Will Spear, "The role of oil& carbon in the community&thecarbon economy" Reporter, Vol45, issue2, Ventura, California, he projects his oil industry's wishful dreams of NetCarbon Zero economy past 2050 by an all volunteer without enforcement  laws& club Paris Agreement and building jobs beyond our comunity by only using their deceptive oil& gas technology, through their concocted scheme of Carbon Capture& Storage/CCS, with double credit carbon emissions, alledging it will benefit us all in a distant future 2050 and enjoy perpetual heaven of oil& gas in  combustion cars. But wrongly assumes "There is Not a 'Now and here' solution" but distant 2050  on the terms & conditions projected by their global oil and gas corporations,
Net carbon zero through the Paris agreement is unfeasible& unenforceable bc is based on voluntarism and it has no enforcement laws/ enforcement clauses, reason why G20& BRICS, the biggest polluter countries have failed to reach their own volunteer pledges and are perennial cheaters& are bringing an incoming double carbon credit and carbon tax which undoutedly will legaliza humanity's death!
Untouchable fossil fuel& carbon have concocted their CCS deceptive plan which has been thoroughly debunked for multiple reasons by respected scientists of Tyndale Machester working with scientists from 20 well respected  universities, ever since it was formed the Paris Agreement and the signatories were suppose to fulfill their pledges but broke them, hence te Paris Agreeent has failed and is doom to fail but on the contrary it increased 5X carbon emissions, hence Tyndal Manchester renown scientists concluded CCS is a faiure and a deception and Paris agreemetis bound to lead us down the slope of irreversible catastrophic climate reality!

Desinforming Aera oil Corporation has in bad faith kept playing their denyal and sowing doubts AKA tobacco handdbook play per JohnHill, one of their climate denyal lawyers who lead the tobacco deception scheme!
CCS  has been debunked by fact and by science and ZeroCarbonEconomy/net zeroeconoby 2050 is a distant 2050, too little to late virtual salvation, not only for our local comunity& USA but for humanity. Because is not stoppig the 5x increase nor ceasing their deadly fossil fuel& carbon emissions perpetuation past 2050& is threatening the existance of life, & making casualties our health, our lives and human& biodiversity's existence, all to keep reaping profits and continuing to talk of transition by distant 2050, which is illusory salvation bc with an increase of OVER 2.7C RISE within a decade,
aforestation needs 50 years to produce mature trees, time we don't have and aforestation trees can't photosintesize in such hot weather increases caused by fossil fuel& carbon, their roots begin to die and the trees exhale carbon dioxide instead of eliminating it and it leads us past the point of No- Return, and makes our humanity suffer irreversible melting of permafrost, glaciars, hot oceans with 8 mts rise level rise, permanent starvation and drought leading us in the road to iireversible extinction& what is worst they are killing us 70 million humans/ year caused by their emission of deadly greenhouse gases, gasing us to death&extinction as 6 million europeans jews were gased by zyklone B gas while talking of promised salvation& Aera's talks net zero economy, which is virtual& diesn"/ exist bc they have not stop emitting fossil fuel& methane& genocidal greenhouse gases!
Fossil fuel corporatios end product is a virtual salvation  concoction which Aera and carbon& oil corporations lead by BlackRock unremorsefully offer us, while double talking of"...CCS...a net zero economy for all of us", dead and they can't resurrect us!

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