Boeing's deceptive green fuel engines!

Boeing's deceptive green fuel engines!

Boeing plans of creating and getting its new fleets of planes to work with an approved engine which works 50-50, to get FAA's approval
50-50 means, half of fossil fuel and the other half of transgenic Agrofuel or Animal fat.
Boeing alleges their 50-50 engine will revolucionize and exaggeratelly call it the green fuel engine.
But their engine is only going to revolutionize their art of lying bc its not green bc it uses deforestation& depleating trangenic  plants and animal fat to make 50% agrofuel annd 50% of aviation fossil fuel.
To grow animal fat& transgenic plants to get agrofuel it destroys irreversibly forests, biodiversity, desertificacion, drought, destroys aquifers with agrochemicals and its production of agrofuel causes deadly polution as does their fossil fuel.
So the consequences of these 50-50 Boeing engines are death by GHG.

Schemes like this only have for label " revolution" & "green fuel" which are not bc to get these agrofuels, forbidden chemical defoliants are used, cancer causing roundUp from Bayer and transgenic sugar cane, corn soybean, sorgo, etc are used and transgenic plants produce superbugs and super bushes resistant to all pesticides, whichbthe wind spreads around and it irreversibly extincts organic plants and seeds and the consequence is global famine, bc red meat produces 60Kg of Carbon dioxide/pund of read meat, to get animal fat to convert it to agrofuels AKA biofuel!

Another consequence is the ongoing concoctions from  BlackRock fossil fuel corporations who are pushing govs to exempt the C02 from private planes and countless guzzler jets from the military, so 8 millions humans are not only becoming cheated by their new schemes and laws to cheat us from accounting all those billions of cubic metric tons/year of these private and military exempted planes!

We humans must not continue being cheated by these heartless deadly polluters who devise these cheating schemes to perpetuate GHG to profit at the cost of our health& lives and those of our children's & grandchildrens'
When sarscovid2 subsides, wearing double masks and keepingg social distance, be around oil refineries and pipelines to stop distribution, transportation and sales of genocidal fossil fuels& carbon, bc they are gassing us to slow but premature death as these oil corporations aidded and abetted Hitler to gas 6 million innocent europeans to death by gassing them with ZyklonB gases.

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