Brothers& sisters hold on against vaccination!

Brothers& Sister hold on against Vaccination:

We're among the few who know pharmaceutical& govs with their different brands of sarscovid2 vaccines are basing their implicit compulsory vaccination policy on dangerous assumptions which can potentially produce mass genocide by innoculation:
interchangeabiity of brands of vaccines; second dose is given multiple months after; sarcovid vaccine2 is assumed to hopefully work on CovidB.1.1.7!
Do not proceed o vaccination bc we need to trial and get enough medical data phase3 on blood plasma of pandemic survivors which provides immunity's 10  billion genetic blue prints,which are naturally produced by our human body to find a global cure to mutating pandemic viruses which are very dangerous to our human existance& there is no current vaccine against them& UgurSahim knows it and that's why he is not allowing anyone to vaccinate him even with his own invented vaccine which was politically rushed to be approved and is not an assured pandemiccure!

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