Climate crisis... now we are in climate catastrophe!

Climate crisis... now we're in climate catastrophe!

SubAndean& Amazon forest climate defenders tried to open ur  ears&eyes, ParisAgreementVoluntarism is a deception to perpetuate FossilFuelwith a carbon Tax& double carbon credit and hip hop useless euphemisms such resilience, adaptation...

FromClimateCrisis we passed to Climate Catastrophe, triggering forests fires, etc.
The only peaceful solution tool that works now: MassiveCivilDisobedience around Oil refineries&pipelines to stop 20X increase of deadly gas emissions with which BlackRock like a gasman is gasing us as the Notzees gased 6 million inocent Europeans during WWII.
Presently 70 million people per year are being prematurelly being killed with Fossil fuel gases.
Wearing double masks& keeping social distancing, soon  JoinMassiveCivilDisobedience Around oil refineries to stop distribution& sales bc we have the right to peacefully defend our lives, our children and grandchildren!

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