Congratulations Greta!

Kara Greta:
Happy birthday& Congratulations for your adulthood!
ParisAgreement& BlackRock & govs have toyed and play with childhood and haven't delivered end of fossil fuel& carbon pandemic they keep increasing them& given you empty words, empty promises and postponing till 2050 and beyond the irreversible genocide of 20% of remaining biodiversity under  cheap excuses of resilience, mitigation, adaptation while globally they continue to burn forests, melt down permafrost, glaciars, increase 6-12C/ decade we confront. And they come with further lies of carbon tax& double carbon credit to continue to fool us, all for a 20X fossil fuel and niclear plants proliferation and with it enrich further and carekess of climate and climate catastriphe, they continue to paralize us from protesting in the streets by media bombarding us with covid pandemic& are in the process of famining us and vaccinating humanity under the illusuon to go back to normalcy 
Humanity can never go back to normalcy of fossil fuel increase careless capitalism.
The vaccines pose greater threat of death than becoming a protection for our lives, bc countless mutating pandemic viruses like B.1.1.7 have rendered useless the fossil fuel corporations's sarscovid2 vaccine. Yet they deceive humanity and kin eep pushing their politically rushed and useless sarscovid2.
To them less people, less protests, less mouths to feed, to us, no we can't allow this man- made sarscovid2 pandemic and vaccine-genocide to happen.
Please advise the people to wait and see before they are pushed down the cliff of destruction of humanity's natural immune system by means of these unsafe and ineficient politically rushed vaccines, which are not scientific or medically sound but rushed political vaccines which lack 10-20 years of medical clinical trial data but scarse 9 months!
Once this B.1.1.7 mutating pandemic virus abates, wearing double mask& keeping social distance,
may your decisions as adult be for civil disobedience to stop fossil fuel refineries and oil pipelines. And not useless writing from behind the desk.
May Mother Earth bless you in wisdom and courage, to lead us with actions to save our hone Earth from climate catastrophe that is begining to take us!
Happy birthday and may you keep healthy and live a long life along with 8 billion people and our remaining biodiversity!

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