Congress... to take remainder of our Constitutional rights?

Congress missusing Jan6th seditious act to take remainder of our constitutional rights?

To avoid prison CorporatistSeditiousMcConell sentSenators home to deny 2/3Senators from convicting Trump. As taxPayer&Innocent condemn:
1) SeditiousCorporatistsMcConnellCruz...
2)AllCongressThat deniedSubsidizingThePeople during gloobal Covid Pandemic
3) All congress using January6th seditious attempted by corporatists
# ToTakeAwayOurConstitutionalRightsofAssamblyRedressGrievancesFreeSpeechAndPrivacyFromBigBroGovInstrusion
4)Overfunding anuallyTrillion$ EvilMilitary&Police whose seditious act speaks by itself wrongi g our constitution& wronging 333 million Americans& wronging our USA!

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