Corporatism fascism cutting damage, to perpetuate itself!

Corporatism fascism cutting damage, to perpetuate itself!

You've just seen the Aprentice president is a consumated chamaleon! Trump clubber the media for almost 4 years, yelling at them as fake news makers if they ever question his authority of being a naked emperor without clothes, he yelled, intimidated and black listed them as fake newsmen& got away with it.
From inside the seargeant at arms office and from the washinghton DC police were aiding and abetting the militiamen who would tresspass and commit sedition against congress, the constitution and the people of the USA.
Then Trump incited through twitts his armed gun-ho militiamen, who were aided and abetted by plainclothes off duty military officers and policemen charged and Aryan police who are congressional security officers opened the doors to congress and the mob militiamen flooded into the capitol building, killed 5 inside the capitol and you know it from there.
Imagine being a congresswoman who is being obstructed from recertifying Joe Biden as the elect president and before the armed militiamen barely escaping from the fury of the seditious mobsters militiamen, terrorizing them to change their mind by death threats to recertify for Trump and not Biden.
As opposition against the attempted sedition grew, advised Trump twitted, " love", "you did your duty go home now"
And the seditious dispersed without being seditiously arrested by being aided by plainclothes military and policemen
Then Trump advised to avoid the possibility to be impeached, just like Hitler who was mad with Von Paulus wehrmatch not having defeated the russians, sacrificed them, "I condemn the mob who assaulted the site of government"
Militiamen must be confused nd panicked, their mastermind boss condemn them, after telling them on Jan 6th, he loved them for their patriotic deed.
Now his fearful militiamen are pleading not to be prosecuted for their multiple crimes while Trump, Howley and McConnell cooked their denyals of any talk of sedition and out maneuvering AOC, Presley, Rashida, Omar, B Lee, Schumer, Pelossi... directed multupke secretaries to resign so to avoid voting against Trump as a cabibet majority for Pence to succceeed Trump as president for less than 2 weeks under the 25th amendment, which states, a president can be removed due to inconowtence when a cabinet majority votes the president is incapacitated or is unfit for office.
Betsy Devos resigned her cabinet post bc, her husband Mitch McConnel needed to be saved from any potential sedition impeachment along with Trump.
Sad congressmen are home and won't come back to deal with the people demand to impeach and penally process Trump, McConnell, Cruz, Howley...and sad to see these seditious men being part of corporatism fascism and they won't touch against each other, so is all talk of impeachment, but Trump and the gang of 13 seditioys congressmen won't be impeached and its the people, the institutions and the Constitution who lose bc as during Nixon's watergate crisis, only token pawns are sacrificed but not the masterminds and so Trump and the gang of 13 will remain inmune and impune from the consequences of their seditious sct and multiple crimes and Trump will improperly continue to hand out pardons to his accomplices.
A point on the side: RealDonaldTrump was banned by Facebook, instagram and twitter, but Trump as president opened accounts in these global corporate fascism media, but the latter needing to cut loses against corporatism fascism, shut president Trumps's social media accounts until Joe Biden Takes office.
This is how they silence politicians to perpetuate corporatism fascism mascareded as Democracy!

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