Infamous only today?

Infamous only today?

Today white Aryans acted seditiously against  the USA Congress and people ask if this is not an infamous day.
But Native Americans were genocided&their land stolen& that's not infamy?
For 400 years blacks were enslaved& spanish Americans dispossed of their lands&TreatyViolated& Vietnamese& GIJoe were killed by agent orange& japanese americans fought4USA but white Aryans put their parents camp interned without charge&that's Not Infamy?
Americans of this continent move up north but Biden for 8 years deported the childrens parents leaving them homeless& hungry and parentless and that's not infamy?
Children broken away from their parents, are calling their mothers as they die of sarscovid2 in ICE camps, unable to understand they are dying separated from their deported or immigration jailed parents and that's not infamous?
When have we stopped the infamy?
What's wrong with our human selective memory?

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