Is BlackRock about to manage/ govern globally as Joseph the ruler( part1)

Is Blackrock about to manage/govern globally as Joseph the ruler? (Part1)

Less than 1% is OligarchicElitistCorporatist destructive religious-racist people who monopolizes the vast mayority of wealth, oil military industrial corporations. Who manages Humanity by StateTerror, Neverending OilWars, digital global media, who perpetuates Oil&carbon Pandemic, biowarfare including man made mrna sarscovid2, covidB.1.1.7.
The evil 1% is embodied in #BlackRock Global management corporation who is unnaccountable, immune & impune, not transparent, not fair, Undemocratic.  They unacountably run the Federal Reserve Board, IMF, World Bank, ParisAgreement, etc.
BlackRock manages globally, meaning BlackRock governs globally without being elected. BlackRock govs through 3rd parties like presidents.
BlackRock is secret private property& beyond their secret board meetings, BlackRock is not accountable to anyone on Earth as it finances the global forest-burnings to impose transgenic food& global red meat production increases which destroy our planet with 25% of  deadly GHG, methane& nitrous oxide, added to global oil & carbon pandemic which is already causing irreversible climate catastrophe, human starvation, drought, mass migrations& racist policies to quash global refugees. BlackRock's created carbon pandemic causes refugees to migrate& be killed unjustly.
I don't oppose their getting wealthier if they can do it with solar& vegan instead of deadly fossil fuel& carbon& transgenics& red meat & compulsory vaccinations which are creating segregation to demonize& exterminate non vaccinated humans who disagree with their man-made by american scientists who created sars&mers during Obama- Biden 8 years Administration then in 2019 released mrna SarsCovid2 & in 2020 created covidB117 a highly infectious& more deadly mutation. They are overwhelming humanity with tens of covid mutations, my suspictions are they are clamping down to materialize a police state & accomplish de-population, and then  BlackRock  will globally manage, like Joseph rationing food in exchange for beggars giving up their land deed to Joseph Pharaoh, to receive a tiny ration of wheat daily!

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