is Congress going back to business as ususal?

Is Congress going back to business as usual?
U S Democracy is corporatist fascism which comes from aryan corporatist-plantation since Hamilton's era, whose identifiable aryan state police has kept  going silent while protecting corporate private property. Whenever civil rights or antifa peaceful protestors protest against climate injustice, social injustice their aryan police has cracked on them with war forbidden tear gas, lead& rubber bullets and cracking the victims heads along with Fed officers & National Guards as they did in Oregon and arrested scores of peaceful citizens, peacefully exercising their constitutional grievances, freedom of assambly and free speech. But when its about armed, violent racist White Aryan militiamen like Kyle Rittenhouse, Proud boys, Qannon...the aryan police embraces them& implicitly accomplice act, aided and abetted them.
January 6th 2020 at DC, the washinghton DC police, fed marshalls, secret service agents at the Capitol not only failed to protect congress but negligently and aidding and abetting the seditious armed Aryan militiamen, allowed them to take over congress to abort early in the day the certification of Joe Biden as elected president. The failed sedition/ Putsch, to perpetuate sore Aryan looser Trump, who master minded and incited  yesterday's failed seditious Putsch by enablers Aryan police&federal lawmen, who didn't shoot tear gas, bullets to preserve the laws and the Constitution, bc they embraced the Aryan militiamen and only after there were victims, half heartedly police began to enforce the law.
Sadly aryan corporatist fascism has let this riotous& seditious putsch  happened and where was the annual trillion dollars costly US military not to preempt this seditious coup attempt which they knew ahead of time and  while it was happening, all of them didn't use their weapons to defend our constitution and congressmen but let it happen, bc they are white Aryans like them!
We the people demand, defund the trillion dollar annual luxury military and defund the AryanPolice who embraced the aryan Putschists instead of arresting them for their criminal acts!
Simply putting it, give us back our countless trillion dollars, bc as military and police, you are useless and  are so fickled!
The People demand impeach and trial as common criminal, all the seditious terrorists, including Trump and 13 putschCongressmen for attempted sedition against the people, against our country and against our constitution!
The gang of 13 seditious congressmen are: Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Howley, etc!
In this we shall know if Joe Biden- KamalaHarris are on the side of 333 million citizens& defending the constitution& the rule of law: are behind bars, the thousands of seditious militiamen who attempted, the failed Putsch on January 6th?
Is Trump& the gang of 13 congressmen impeached and being penally prosecutoed as common seditious terrorists?
Are they going to defund the military and police who aided and abetted with their inactions and actions the Jan 6th's 2021 fascist putsch?
Or are they simply going to talk empty democratic speeches and embedding with the putschists in Congress & simply going back to business as usual and killing peaceful antifa and climate defenders, and Black Lives Matters, who defended Biden-Harris and the CPE against the Jan 6th putschists?

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