Is Ugur Sahim a savior or genocider Dr Joseph Mengele?

Is Ugur Sahim a savior or genocider Dr Joseph Mengele?
Sahim&Tureci keep selling a mircle vaccine that you expect to protect you from a sarsCovid Pandemic death.
But one they injoculate you with their vaccine, when you are expose to any mutated covid2 virus, you may die and when you rush to the hospital none of the medicines that help heal Non- vaccinated ill patients can not save you bc:
Turk Sahim-Tureci sarscovid2 vaccine imposed in your blood street the sarscovid2 pandemic virus, which aides to replicate faster the B.1.1.7 mutated supercontagious virus and this combination of viruses createsva supervirus no human medicine can stop and you may end up permanently in a vegetative state or die as opposed to NonVaccinated people who rejected innoculation of sarscovid2, they have better chances to respond to medical help and will survive.
Turk Sahim&Tureci don't care what supercontagious B.1.1.7mutated virus do to you, they simply say, we will sell you a 3rd and 4th new vaccines when we will invent a new vaccine against B.1.1.7 if govs allow us to readjust new vaccines against this new mutated pandemic virus!
So then may realize you have been turn into a sink, where Sahim-Tureci dumped sarscovid2+ the new vaccine they will one day invent against B.1.1.7 mutated pandemic virus.
To sahim-Tureci you are a pacman who will never stop eating new vaccines, chasing the one that may have the way to take you back to "normalcy"
Normalcy is an illusion bc even the UN's WHO has confirmed while we don't abrogate carbon& fossil fuel pandemic for biodiversity to be saved along with humanity, there can never be a return to normalcy bc, sarscovid is an existential threat that comes as a negative consequence of oil& carbon Pandemic's climate catastrophe against all forms of living beings, including humans.
But turk Sahim-Tureci are banking to become not only billonaires but trillonaires with their sarsCovid2 Bipntech vaccine, which are a fraud vaccine bc they were politically aproved under the Political emergency law and not by passing the rigorous 1-2 decades of medical data needed to be produced before applying for a license from USFDA& EMA which Biontech didn't produce but 9 months which is extremely deficient and scarse and under normal laws it couldn't pass.
But Turk Sahim-Tureci rather than stopping to sell and distribute their unsafe and ineficient sarscovid2 vaccine that are useless before mutated B.1.1.7 supercontagious virus that is already widespread globally.
And those poor victims who believe Sahim-,Tureci vaccine is like a tank that protects them, once vaccinated are dying after a couple hours or days bc they are useless& fraud vaccines before B.1.1.7 mutated virus and their tank gets blasted by the supercontagious mutated B.1.1.7 virus.
What we write is factual, bc Turk Sahim- Tureci distrusting their own invented sarscovid2 vaccine have rejected to take vaccination.
As a matter of fact it is public record that turk Sahim banking on his greedy profits has joined Forbes magazine official list of 500 richest billonaires in the world.
This shows Turk Sahim & his wife Tureci don't care for your health, life and the lives of your innocent children& grandchildren and grandparents, but to sell their fraud vaccine that they know are useless against global supercontagious B.1.1.7 mutated pandemic virus and countless other mutations.
And they have not sued us fir unmadking their sars vaccine doesn't work against global B.1.1.7 mutated pandemic virus nor their trials are based on senior citizens, who are dying soon after being vaccinated by their BiontechPhizer vaccine.
May the truth be said and may we all say the truth, bc we must protect human lives and living buodiversity and not protect profit at any cost by anyone including Turk profiteers Sahim-Tureci who are profitting on your hopes, your trust, your health, your tears and life!
Is Ugur Sahim a savior or a genocider Dr Joseph Mengele?
You have the answer!

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