Let's save the Monarch butterflies!

Let's save the Monarch butterflies!

I've been blessed by being friended by many beneficial insects, birds, hummingbirds, bees, butterflies& so on.
In a patch of land, I have cared for whoever visits me.
To the birds i have given them back, the food they fertlized and i watered and shared it with them.
To the beautiful hummingbirds i make sure their feeders of nectar are full daily!
To the different butterflies, including the monarch butterflies, made sure milkweed and flowers are there for them to feed and reproduce.
I ache reading monarch the beautiful& colorful Monarch butterflies are about to go extinct.
They are precious as larvae feeding on  passion fruit leaves, milkweed, then once they gain weight, they make their own hardened coocoon and weeks after, one sees them being born.
If each of us care for them, they will keep fertilizing and feeding us with flowers and fruits and their happy presence will enhance our lives and give us some natural joy!
We need to save them from extinction, bc when these pollibators die, we're in deep trouble not only having to fertilize one flower a time manually as Chibesse people do, to have food. If theyngo extinct, we humans are next, bc  its a circle of life and death. Without animals and plants, water, soil, oxygen etc, we are helpless and can't survive.
Thanks for doing something good to save them from extinction.
Bless you! 

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