...loosing our 1st Amendment for somebody else's act?

Unjustly, why are we loosing our first amendment for somebody else's act?

Ordinary americans we agree impeachment& penal trial4 Trump's -planed Jan6th Sedition!
We don't accept BlackRock corporatism misusing failed sedition to up-the-ante by taking the People's peaceful Assambly right, redress grievance, Free speech& invasion ofPrivacy byBigBrother to ban the people from peacefully protesting BlackRocks perpetuating pandemic FosssilFuel&carbon that threatens our human existance.
Its totally unacceptable to ban Trump's 1st amendment w/o first finding him guilty and is absolutelly unnaceptable that corporatist-FakeCitizens in violationof USA's co nstitution to ban him, unser the false premise, private corporatism is above the constitution&the rule of law and it has the rightto ban Trump. That happens to racist seditious Trump, sentence him & throw the key away but don't impose fascist ban of 1st amendment to the unsentenced president, bc Biden will perpetuate the ban against 333 million americans and globally by economic& military coercion.
You also miss the point: the seditious masterminds are the military-industrial-oil complex, (after using, Trump& dumping him) & haven't even investigated countless active and passive members of the pentagon that partook in the failed sedition. By leaving them out of the investigation and penal trial, the military- industrial oil complex is immune and impune and free to keep masterminding more seditious attempts and Coup D'etats in our american streets, as it has beeing executing along with the pentagon...coups, globally!
Welcome to America, the biggest banana plantation republic with failed coups!
Today mistaken Trump has been stripped his 1st amendment without finding of guilt and Tomorrow we 333 million americans will be deprived of 1st amendment as we were deprived of most of our constitutional rights after 19 SaudiArabians did 911 & the Feds helped them escape& they were never investigated nor sentenced but Bush and unjust accomplice Congress took away most of our constitutional rights and live since then under surveillance, denied of Habeas corpus, etc and Biden-obama didn't returned our rights but perpetuated their opression by renaming it to a pseudo freedom Act and now the newlyElected comes to take away our first amendment under the excuse of Trump's failed seditious act.
We have nothing to do with Trump for you congress, to enact further deprivations of our constitutional rights!

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