No Trees, No Electric Power, No Electric. GM holds is hostsge to the guzzlers.

No trees no electric power no electric cars, GM keeps you captive with their guzzlers!
# FraudsterGMDeceiveUsDayDreamingTill2035 but not a commitment!
# WeNeedSolarCarsAndNotElectricCars because there is no water because
# increasing land for larger production of soy& red meat for exports to the EU, Blackrock financed with countless billions of dollars and euros to Transgenic Soy & RedMeatCorps who Are Burning Forests Globallyand without forests, U will get # Dry Hydroelectric Plants and miles of electric cables without produccing any electrical powet and GM gets youbto stick to Useless combustion Guzzlers vehicles
# so remember and remind fraudster GM car maker, There Are No Trees To Produce Rains and if they day dream to planting trillion of trees, tell them the truth: plantines die without rain and you will never get any new forest to produce adult trees, bc it takes half a century to have adult trees to cause sudor-vaporization  to have trees, but with permanent drought die to f oi ssil fuels& carbon, without rains& water plantines die and their trillion trees daydreaming die bc the trillion plantines died and we are passing through the point of No return in the road to irreversible human extinction!

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