Open letter to Hong Kongers, in re: Time of decisions!

Open letter to Hong Kongers
In re: Time of decisions!
Dear Hong Konger sisters& brothers:
The past treaty about your future was short changed by the signatories.
USA&EU&UK have failed to apply economic sanctions that could dent your opressor to live up to its obligations, who is unjustly materializing its oppressive National Security law, copied from the USA's National Security Act/law.
Your unjust opressor knows they are not going to embargo nor apply economic punishment nor risk an all out war for you and keeps prematurely but cold and calculated advance to consolidateits fascist gov over Hong Kong now.
The reality is if You Hong Kongers continue fighting against your opressor is an unjust enormously uneven fight sadly marked for defeat and camp internments as the ones for Uigurs, Tibetans...and beyond moralistic & media support these western powers are not going to fight to save you.
The chinesse gov is clamping down to avoid capital flight. I can't lie to you but tell you the cruel reality arises and that is:
1)Keep fighting but given the western powers will not fight for you, only with token Taiwanesse and Japanesse... aid, the end is a Socratic defeat.
2)Emigrate by applying to the UK's British National overseas/BNO opportunity.
Given the Chinesse clamp down and policy to invalidate as null and void your BNO pass, you may need to resort to flood all foreign embassies, consulates& diplomatic residencies applying fir polotical asylum because you all Hong Kongers have well funded fear of persecution and potential loss of your life, which fulfills the requirement for asylum and or refugee status. And the puctures of your participation on protests etc are sufficient evidence you are politically songke out by the opressive Chinesse gov, including Lam's authorities repressive hench men.
Once you are under the protection of foreign diplomatic missions, those diplomats will negotiate a safeconduct to allow you to emigrate overseas.
Once overseas, you may remain in the hist country or apply to the UK's BNO opportunity and emigrate and live in the UK.
But i must forewarn you, you can only relocate to the UK bc, the political asylum policy by host countries is: first nation you land, you must apply asylum there. That means you can't just hop into Germany or the USA bc, you landed in a previous host country where you must continue for your asylum benefit.
There have been the past asylum experience of Aghanies, Syrians and other war tirn middle eastern nationals who landed in Turky, Libia, etc and from there they cross ilegally the waters and once in the EU they hoped to Germany, Austria etc, but now this type of remedy is exhausted and no longer tolerated by Germans etc. Therefore you must be careful which host country you want to likely remsin for the rest of your life as an asilee then li ater become a naturalized citizen.
If you are one of those lucky Hong kongers with over a million dollars to invest in the USA, then from any country you can apply for an wmigrant visa for businessmen who invest over a million dollars employing americans.
I know it is hard to leave Hong Kong& it tears you appart and ot costs you to loose your private property etc, but remaining in Hong Kong will only be the chinesse way and that is not an easy future.
When i survived unconstitutional deprivation of liberty and experience the murder of my friends by gov agents and without any charge i was tortured physically and sicologically and by sheer luck survived and was exiled. I lost it all, including my beloved parents, sisters and was PTSD treated in my host country as asilee. I healed and the scars i carry are my honor for defending my people but i had to redo my life from the bottom up. I've been all my life a peaceful non violent tax paying clean record holder& citizen back home and here. I am a retired academician and yet i wasn't allowed to return home, to visit my family's remains nor my friends remains, and though i still have a void, life goes on and we must go on living and defend mother Earth, biodiversity and life by non violent means
Beloved Hong Konger brothers and sisters, I am so, so sorry i can not offer you a better choice  or advice but i pray to Mother Earth to bless you and illuminate your judgment and decisions about what you& your family must do.
Thank you!!!
Domitila Mamani

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