...personal decision regarding carbon Pandemic?

What is your personal decision regarding Carbon Pandemic?

One of countless irreversible consequences of fossil fuel& coal capitalism is Global arid desertification growing at our door.
BlackRock global management is Permafrost and glaciars melting globally by increasing greenhouse gases emissions and our temperature 6-12°C by 2030, which is making our world unlivable and perilous.
Climate catastrophe forest fires is another undeniable consequence.
Without enforcement mechanism, voluntary pledges of cutting carbon emissions are empty promises and useless propaganda bc all members, specially G-7& BRICS are intencional cheaters and the Paris Agreement is turned from an elm that produces nothing, to a  poison ivy to be consumated at COP26, carbon tax consumation to perpetuate the legalizacion of 20x carbon increase poluttion, in exchange of beggars change.
Beggars change of carbon tax AKA death tax for you, paid to Chaeron, the ferryman that ferries you inside a boat or a horsewagon/car, to the valley of death's shore.
BlackRock/Carbon Corporation management is a global management gov, accountable to no one& no gov, who with paris Agreement Cop26's carbon tax & double carbon credit is throwing to humanity, a beggars change for porr countries govs to adapt the arid and sterile desert land to plant trees. Without water and with corrupt govs, the green forests will never exist bc no water, no rain, no plantin nor seed, nor animal nor human can grow but die!
We silentFools can be extincted by day dreaming Paris Agreement with carbon tax/ beggars change per metric ton of carbon emissions, will let in global deserted lands grow trees without rain and water& keep driving fuel combustion cars and be killed prematurely with fuel caused cancers, along our family inside the coffin-family van and let Chaeron drives us to the valley of the dead.
Or  soon after the second wave of Mutated B.1.1.7 Pandemic virus su sidez, Join Greta Thunberg leading global peaceful disobedience around oil refineries&pipelines to stop our unjust extinction!
What is your personal decision regarding carbon Pandemic that is killing 70 million people/ year prematurelly compared to 1 million by Sarscovid2 and BlackRock's media silences carbon pandemic existential threat and talks tirelessly of covidPandemic, while increasing fossil fuel& carbon toxicity by countless gigatons of metric tons of carbon dioxide, methane, which produce water plouds capable to flood and kill entires cities and washed them out like meaningless sands?

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