Putin& Sahim, the Joseph Mengeles of humanity!

Putin& Sahim, the Joseph Mengeles of  humanity!

We've forewarned you since De ember 2020 there is no vaccine pharmaceutical corp trialing mutated B.1.1.7 pandemic virus which is spreading globally along tens of new mutations!
All these vaccine corps beat the dead dog with a broken stick of sarscovid2 vaccine, which is useless to stop the supercontagious B.1.1.7 Pandemic virus which is spreading globally! 

It will become common to hear and see people who blindly were corraled at the slaughter house of sars covid2 vaccine centers, who got innoculated and die infected by mutated B.1.1.7 pandemic virus.
What went wrong?
All the vaccinated victims got vaccinated by sarscovid2 vaccines and you will see them as confirmed infected victims.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to realize these vaccine corporations kept silent about this mutated B.1.1.7 two month old pandemic virus, bc they wanted their obsolete vaccine patented and people vaccinated with their vaccines, without any remorse they keep pushing for their vaccines. Which are useless to save you from B.1.1.7 pandemic virus, bc in their greedy minds, all they want is to make double profit.
Firstly they profit with sarscovid2 vaccines, and as victims will colapse the hospitals& cemeteries, people will clamor &  demand another cure, so the pharmaceuticals will jack up the vaccine prices and gouge your eyes, bc they will come up with a future vaccine against B.1.1.7 and it will ten fold their profits with a new B.1.1.7 vaccine.
You see a lab created sars/mers during the obama- Biden presidency, then in 2019, US scientist took the prototype sarscovid2 with spikes and along chinesse scientists created sarscovid2 in a Woohan chinesse lab and as they were returning to the USA via Europe, it got spread, the sarscovid2 and it became a pandemic globally!
But now with thousabds of dangerous& non-dangerous virus mutations
The Pandem8cs become endemic as the flu for decades to come.
But why 
there is no investigation on these USA- chinesse scientists who created sarscovid2 in a woohan, china lab?
Cover up, greed and countless billions to be had by antisarscovid2 vaccine makers and then by anticovidB.1.1.7 vaccine!
No one cares to investigate those evil Pandemic creators! But for god sake don't rush to be vaccinated by any vaccine until they produce a vaccine against  mutated covidB.1.1.7 pandemic virus which is the real endemic killer and sarscovid2 is a dwarf compared to Covid B.1.1.7 pandemic virus and other mutations, which are globally spread, bc the bans against UK citizens and SouthAfrican victims of mutated virus have failed to isolate it and now it is spread globally.
Wear on 2 masks, keep social distance, use desinfectant until a real vaccine against covidB.1.1.7 is invented and patented.
Ask why doctors and nurses are divided glov
bally, pro-vaccine sarscovid2 versus antivaccine sarscovid2.
Half the population is being rushed to the sk
Laughter house/ vaccination centers
The other half do not trust obsolete and useless vaccine sarscovid 2, which can't stop covid B.1.1.7 pandemic virus!
Hey UgurSahim why are you hiding and playing deaf and mute and blind to the global  covidB.1.1.7 pandemic virus?
Hey Putin along with Sahim,you both refused to be vaccinated by your own vaccine, why are you refusing to be vaccinated with your own vaccines but sacrifice billions of innocents like cows to the slaughter house?
Putin& Sahim why are you becoming doctors Joseph Mengeles of innocent foolish humans?
And ask,why Xi Jinping has just refused the UN' World Health Organization to investigate the origin of lab created sarsCovid2 in Woohan, China?

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