Reject UN's ICAO'S Decarbonization scheme...

Reject UN's ICAO's Decarbonization scheme for travel corporations& airlines!

UN'S ICAO'S plan is a failure Decarbonization policy created on failed voluntarism as failed Paris Agreement and buys 6 years polution freedom before this failed ICAO world polict takes off. And uses the same concoction offset policy as the Paris Agreement of carbon credit, whether they actually plant trees and if they plant trees then burnet it, yet they still count as Decarbonizing it, after the trees are burn. I tell them we don't believe your scheme produces any meaningful decarbonization!
How stupid do they think we are, to believe aviation travel corporations' who pollute over 2.5% GHG of the total carbon pollution, they can get us to suck our thumbs about their false decarbonization scheme?
Voluntarism is a deception. Voluntarism is inenforceable. Voluntary decarbonization quotas are the cheaters preferred scheme and it harms our planet
ICAO needs to be abolishes bc is a hopeles perpetual polluters's organization!
Write your congressman and get your gov to reject it at the UN and at the public arena!
What we need is:
Solar energy flying airplanes now and here and not in 2027, 2035 or 2050 bx that's too little too late!
CORSIA: World's biggest plan to make flying green 'too broken to fix'

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