Respect& follow the courage of doctors& nurses who refuse unsafe vaccines against mutated pandemic viruses?

Respect& follow the courage of doctors& nurses who refuse unsafe vaccines against mutating viruses? Or  demonize them?

Frontline physicians & nurses are puting their lives on the line to save patients but pharmaceutical corporations, govs and their media keep battering them unjustly!
They get mad at them for refusing to vaccinate themselves. In the USA, there are different percentages of these front line warriors against sarscovid2 and mutated B.1.1.7 virus. The latter one is highly contagious and defeats sarscovid2 vaccine.
Riverside county, ca, has over 50 percent of these front line health warriors who refuse to become vaccinated. LA county has over 40% & other counties have between 20%-40% who refuse to take the sarscovid2 vaccine. And in other counties outside california and in other states, its happening the same: frontline doctors and health workers are rightly refusing to take these politically rushed vaccines.
You may have more updated statistics
than me, in tracking doctors and nurses refusing to take these unsafe and inefficient vaccines in other countries
How can you take two vaccines which got knocked off by Mutated B.1.1.7 viruses and you have no protection and there is no invented vaccine against these mutated viruses?
The pharmaceutical Corps should not have pushed too fast without including these mutating pandemic viruses.
So what do you do when gov has already wasted billions of dollars on these sarscovid 2 vaccines which don't include nor work against these global mutated widespread B.1.1.7 virus and countless other ones?
You stop vaccinating until you patent a new safe and efficient& more advanced, safe and efficient antipandemic vaccine capable to protect you.
But not according to the pharmaceutical corps, govs and global main media: they continue to push for vaccinating you with a vaccine which didn't include B.1.1.7 mutated pandemicvirus and they think you are a dispensable robot or a dumpsters, where they can throw sarsCovid2 vaccines and many different ones bc they believe since childhood you took many vaccines& therefore  you can take multiple vaccines to defend you against sarscovid 2 and later keep hetting vaccinated, until hopefully one of the many vaccines, will work on you.
The problem is, these vaccines have only been mainly trialed in young healthy adults-to-60 years old. Others in different age brackets and pregnant women, fetuses, and senior citizens and children under 16 years old have been excluded. But the exclude represent the majority of our global society. SO ALL THESE BILLIONS OF EXCLUDED HUMANS HAVE NOT BEN TRIALED &THERE ARE MEDICAL GUARANTEES SARSCOVID2 WILL EVER WORK.
But to pharmaceuticalls, govs and main media, you just take it and if you don't take it, they will demonize you and may treat you as a terrorist, take your job away and do everything they can until they break you down and coersed you are suppose to obediently along the rest of the herd, take their vaccines!
Well, now we live in a polarized globe, with 2 polarized sides!
The obedient herd and the Non-obedient herd!
Well the doctors and nurses are protecting their lives by not endangering their health and lives, to unsafe vaccines!
They are right not to take unsafe, inefficient and obsolete vaccines not tried against highly contagious mutated viruses bc they are protecting themselves with double anticovid masks, desinfectants and social distance and by preserving their natural immune system that has saved their ancestors from Spanish flu pandemic, etc.
Rather than jump into the black abyss of vaccines, it is cautious for both camps, to wait and see, until in the future we find a safe and efficient vaccine against countless vaccines.
We survived carbon pandemic which is ten fold worst than the deads by saracovid2 annually has caused 
Please wait until a solution is found for these mutating pandemic viruses.
As a survivor of sarscovid2, I trust my immune system to last me till these mutating pandemic viruses decay in strength, weaken and become defeated by our human immune system which is efficient& older than a million years and we are the proof, our natural immune system is most of the solution for survival!
But each one must make hers& his own decision. I support the doctors and nurses who refuse to vaccinate, bc they assisted me to survive, without them being forced to become vaccinated. As countless survivors I am alive and well and these doctors are alive and well as the nurses and we haven't fallen victims to carbon pandemic or to sarscovid2...

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