Sahim&Tureci, we demand for you to be vaccinated with your own invented vaccine, publicly& see if you live or resurrect PartIII!

Sahim&Tureci we demand for you  to be vaccinated with your own invented vaccine, publicly& see if you live or resurrect! PartIII
Black Rock Corporatists Merchants of Death, who are genoding anually 70 million humans with their Pandemic Fossil Fuel, carbon, neverending Oil wars& lab-man made mrna SarsCovid2, in the past years seeing the global Climate Defenders' global protests grow, kidnapped us away from protesting against Carbon pandemic, and relentlessly media brainwashing us, they flood the airwaves& talk of sarsCovid2' milion casualties and are vaccine ho to compel vaccination through implicit compulsory vaccination policies or you get segregated for questioning their implicit compulsory pandemic vaccination, while covering up, the inherit global threat of sarsCovid2 vaccineGenocide, bc their vaccines have a pattern of flaws& cover ups to avoid being exposed as a flawed vaccine which doesn't protect secure & efficiently your health and life:
Vero vaccine( Sinopharm pharmaceutical corp) and CoronaVac have very low efficiency results and whata worst, they are withholding adverse medical data and turned scarce& incomplete data. Yet these chinesse pharmaceuticals didn't use their own people but used Arab&brazilians& peru ians but Peruvians who got Central Nervous system paralisis of arms, they stopped the flawed vaccine. Yet United Arab emirates approved it before the makers appprove it, which means they are irresponsible govs, like Hungary that aproved Sputnik vaccines before russians finished phase 3

"Despite AztraSeneca having 57% low efficiency the EU has approved its use. What is the matter with EU gov?"
"BiontechPhizer vaccines injected to Israelies have not protected Israelies from Covid and as a consequence of these insecure vaccines, thousands are Covid infected now"
"Biontech phizer vaccines failed to protect vaccinated people and in post-vaccination, tens of germans and norwegians are dead now"
All these vaccine pharmaceuricals have a medical data defficient and unreliable data which under normal rigorous scientic standards used by USFDA& EMA absilutelly would have failed, but govs eager to go back to normalcy& to get out of CovidWreckingEconomy, unscientifically and politically they rushed to approve these political sarscovid 2 vaccines.
Sadly Carbon Pandemic, CovidPandemic and our doomed capitalism have taken away normalcy, irreversibly. That means the old pollting, destroying and hoarding normalcy is gone permanently and we face a catastrophic climate as a consequence of BlackRock's infinite GDP& Profit growth mentality!
There is no infinite growth but the harsh& permanent reality of scarcity, famine, no drinking wated& the last remanents of biodiversity.
External costs to the environment are the basis for any  global present & future chance fir survival.
But obssesive- compulsive pathological liars like Ugur Sahim- OzlemTureci... seek to profit forever by having designed their flawed Mrna sarscovid2 vaccine, because they want to convert humanity into pacmen herd, capable enought to take after their unsafe& inneficient sarscovid2 vaccine, new-bimonthly-covid- vaccines bc they know their original vaccine is all hyped up and unprotective against covid. Matter of fact the evil greedy turkman Sahim admitted, " it takes 6 weeks to find a new updated covid vaccine for this Mrna virus"
So, bimonthly for each new mutation, he wants to patent a new vaccine which he coldly  calculates will bring him billions of dollars and keep it going forever, the demand for his new updated bimonthly vaccines.
I dissent with them, bc this is no more science nor factual saving vaccines but pacman's bimonthly new updated vaccines, which us no more than dehumanizing us and making us humans, pacman taking hus every new vaccinez bimenthly updated and we are not vaccination-sacrificial cows.
If there is a vaccine, it has to be only one and 5 years medically trialed, replicated in labs and confirmed the accuracy or ibacuracy of their data and not like present time, defficient-and insufficient -medical- scientic phase 2&3 trial data.
Sahim should have waited the normal 5 years and should have produced 5 years medical data phase 3 before applying for a patent, bc man made mrna sarscovid, has not remained unchanged and static and his vaccine may barely work for it. But we virologists know viruses mutate multiole times and most virus mutations are dangerous while few mutations are weak and harmless to our natural imnune system with which we are born.
Matter of fact for multiole months i've been forewarning these sarscovid2 vaccines do not work and medicallly many doctors are confirming and reconfirming there are now globally mutated pandemic viruses about to go out of control: B.1.1.7& SudafricanCovid, BrazilianCovid, etc
These mutations render useless Sahim's billonaire vaccines. These vaccines have no vaccine that can stop them.
And what is worst these vaccine makers are manipulating millions of humans to take their ubsafe and inefficient sarscovid innoculating vaccines.
Among those vaccibated, as cited above, countless are dying post vaccine, others fortunates get the infection or reinfection.
So why to compel innoculation of sarscovid2 into your body, that are ending killing you. Had you not accepted the innoculation of sarscovid2, you would be among the living and still enjoying life.
Sarscovid entered in you not because your mask fail not because of social distancing but because you let these greedy pharmaceutical innoculate you with dangerous virus sarscovid2, which in post vaccination killed you.
Sahim and Tureci we demand you stop avoiding to take your own invented vaccination and publicly vaccinate yourself to show publicly the world if it can save your life or will kill you the innoculated mrna sarscovid2.
If you refuse to vaccinate yourselves, you are fraudsters and respobsibke for the deads of countles vaccinated people, but post vaccinated they died and you both need to man up and both must take responsibility for your own acts!

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