To the people of Bolivia!

To the People of Bolivia:
In re: EvoLucho
I Domitila Mamani am an exilee woman & a peaceful veteran& retired academician who knows the reality of Bolivia as the palm of my hand and latinAmerica as my body. Peaceful Civil Disobedience for Bolivian Democracy and the Defense of Pachamama and my people, cost me exile but i have no rancor because with other peaceful social movement idealists have been able to change dictatorial  military govs& pseudoDemocratic regimes in Bolivia. Among those are Evo& I am working on the change of LuisArce, who is simply the altered-ego& puppet of Evo Morales: Evolucho
EvoluchoArce& Evo are the khara&liar-revolutionaries who produced the bolivian EvoLuchon, that is a FALSE REVOLUTION!
In 15 years Evo& EvoluchoArce didn't changed an iota of the Latifundio-capitalism in Bolivia. They didn't change the economic capitalist structure in Bolivia!
They didn't change the political system because they never produced an IndigenousCabinet, indigenousSupremeCourt, nor a whole indigenous congress but tokenism in the cultural ministry, which
means nothing but they perpetuate the same old right wing career politicians recruted from other parties. TheseCia head politician recruted from other parties lead by Evo& EvoluchoArce for 15 years monopolized all the 3 branches of gov and manipulating us the indigenous, used us as work asses, for protests& for voting for them to remain in power for 15 years while deceiving us we are a out to accomplish socialist  economic redistribution& political redistribution but they didn't even changed the social structure in Bolivia, nor the gender structure but produced perpetuation of machismo, patriachism, religion& except some women congressmen, they kept it unchanged for years and except a token pair, there are no aproved  Autonomic authorities and Evo& EvoluchoArce continue to perpetuate CiaRecruted old patriachal latifundio politicians, military& police.
Those that defend them will say if only Evo& EvoluchoArce knew these are CiaRecruted politicians, much like Tuto& Samuel, they would fire them rather than keep perpetuating theseCia contracted politicians.
Open your eyes& ears and your minds:
Evo& EvoLuchoArce are old CiaContractees and they know these are same as them, CiaCivil contractors bolivian politicians, bc we know Evo& Lucho& Alvaro Garcia, the ilegitimate son of Luis Garcia that got him out from prison for being a guerrilla man, were recruited in their youth.
As a matter of Fact Dionisio Morales was preceding Evo as a CiaContracted who spied against the Cochabamba COD since Banzer dictatorship and was educated in elite Tambo High and paid 4000 dollars per month& Evo sang and countless people saw him singing among the Tambo High choir at Casa de la Cultura, almost across the Cochabamba police.
Contracted EvoluchoArce was rewarded with an inteligence scholarship by his contractor. My former faculty members who lecture at Warwick college, confirmed it& matter of fact the Company prefers Economists& computer engineers rather than only social science professionals like newsmen like contractee Raul Penaranda, Isabel Mercado, Carlos Mesa, etc
You see for these old contractees as Evo& EvoluchoArce, the Cia is not bad and they have so much to thank their contractor as oposed to countless informal workers who work from subruse to sunset including weekend and only make 40-200 dollars selling trinkets on the streets and informal markets, high schooler evo, a second generation contractee, 4000 dollars per month was manah from heaven. So I'm not judging the CiaSimply educating you that evo& evoluchoArce, from now on Evolucho, they were paid generously and are not what they allege poor coca stumping coca planting poor men, bc thats a lie perpetuated by their propaganda aparatus!
Every president embraced latifundio but if they burned the rain maker-trees, the people of bolivia, we overthrew them, bc it only brings famine by burning drought and intoxicates and kills billions of animals and it creates inestability, anger, polarization of the people and Mesa, Evo, Anez, know their downfall was due to these massivegenocides&trasngenic soyRedMeat latifundio grew but it doomed their govs!
Right now Evolucho arce is committed the capital genocides with:
1) Massive fores of forests
2) Since Dec5 2020, Evolucho refused to Cuarentine Bolivia and it has multiplied pandemic victims!
3) is imposing genocide by gov vaccination with sputnik which has no USFDA nor EMA patent
4) there are no vaccines for mutated pandemics
5) vaccination weakens your immune system and introduces into your body sarscovid2 and it harms your natural immune defense & by evolucho's vaccine& mutated pandemic virus in post vaccination, you die or become severely incapacitated permanently
6)Pandemic famine& unemployment!

As a consequence of the above, evolucho will resign before 997 days and escape like EvoChicken to avoid paying genocide atonement in Chonchocoro prison as Garcia&LuisArce relative of

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