Too little too late the empty pentagon letter to the People?

Too little too late the empty pentagon letter to the People?

Inmune and impune used to execute Coups globally, the Pentagon evades to answer why countless military officers in active and passive service, were plainclothes & wearing tactical military gear, involved in the failed Seditious attempts against 333 million Americans, congress, the Constitution& the USA!
And why is the pentagon devaluating the serious seditious act against the People's representatives, by miscalling it " 1stAmendment protest"
When the facts prove countless armed military officers acted seditiously to abort the certification of Elected J Biden- K Harris!
It"s too little too late their double talk letter about their acts of January 6th, against Congress.
We the people don't believe the Pentagon's empty words bc, their seditious active and passive service members, were involved and their actions speak by themselves, about the seditious attempt, which they let it happen.
Will congress have the courage of investigating active and passive military officers participating in said failed sedition or conveniently ommit the meat and only investigate the bread-Trump, to cut losses as they cut losses in the Watergate scandal and will they flip the jan 6th's seditious attempt against the People, by imposing a New pseudo patriotic law-Antisedition against 333 million victims of the sedition as they jumped on the 911 bandwagon and imposed the pseudo patriot act which took away most of our constitutional rights instead of punishing Saudi Arabia and in ade them as just retribution? And now they will take away the rest of our constitutional rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of redressing our grievances and peaceful freedom of assambly and double victimize 333 million citizens?
Among dead sedicion participants was a military officer but the Pentagon empty letter, ommit this incriminating evidence bc they think we peaceful tax payers who pay their luxuries and the annual trillion dollars, are eternal suckers!
Only time and the acts of congress and the examined evidences of the failed seditious act, will tell us the truth If they investigate and we'll we ever get our annual 1 trillion dollars back from the Pentagon, bc they invade& execute coups globally for their enjoyment but they were not defending us at home, at pennsilvannia avenue on Jan 6th 2021 but their armed active and passive members of the pentagon were roaming among the seditious with their tactical military gear in the halls of our congress and will we ever get back the stolen data of national security from Pelossi and other computers at the capitol?

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