Vaccines KO your Immune System& likely your life!

Vaccines KO your immune system& likely your life! PartIV

"Sahim-Tureci, Faucci, all pharmaceutichals& govs having digital inteligence& robots to do their dirty work, implicitelly seem to be executing population reduction through biowarfare's pandemic vaccines.
You turn on your computer& navigate or turn on your tv or radio or smart phone and they are causing you panic, hysteria, anxiety and hook you to their global pitch of vaccine sales. Not onlybto sarscovid2 vaccine but to their many booster vaccines and significant amount of humanity have been converted into children who must show their multiple upgrades of sarscovid vaccines.
They start you with a sarscovid2 vaccine, then tell you to be ready for a booster vaccine/upgraded vaccine, then tell you be ready for other booster pandemic vaccines.
Having converted you from a human guinea pig, to a money making robot- pacman, just as pacman, have eating, "pac, pac, pac" countless booster vaccines/upgraded vaccines"

"You remember, they promised you a one time sarscovid2 vaccines was the magic cure that was going to take back to "Normalcy and profit" but instead they defrauded you bc after they vaccinated you, you acquired mutating covid B.1.1.7 and your neighbor got a SudAfricanCovid and a distant friend got infected with BrazilCovid....where do your deadly fates end at the hand of these MengelePharmaceutical baccine corporations?"
" Israelies got vaccinated and died in post vaccination by Biontech-phizer vaccines"
"Tens of Germans died soon after Biontech-Phizer vaccination"
"Tens of Norwegians died after Biontech Phizer vaccination"
"EU is lockdown and vaccinating people. The USA is lockdown and yet vaccinating people are post vaccination dying in significant numbers and except one or two newspapers, the vast majority of their global corporate media is silent about man- made sarscovid2 killing vaccins, killing people, soon after vaccination. What is wrong with these magic vaccines not curing but producing post vaccine death to signlificant amount of vaccinated people?"

"Yet instead of stopping the vaccination drives of millions of people, with these politically rushed unsafe and inefficient money making sarscovid vaccines, they continue to deny their responsibility of their vaccines causing the deaths of significant number of people, globally, and instead without any remorse, they keep brainswashing you, 'the sooner we vaccinate 8 billion people, the sooner, sarscovid2 will be under control and you will be back at normalcy."
"Don't worry be vaccinated and live happily ever after. for these variant viruses, all you neeed is a 3rd booster vaccine"
" once a fool, always a fool. That's how these unrepentant pharmaceutical take you for, worst for poor mothers is becoming the loss of custody of their children and permanent loss if you don't gdtbyour children them sarscovid's becoming a police state against Non vaccinated mothers and Non vaccinated children and for those mothers and grandparents, these unsafe vaccines are becoming a suicide vaccine, bc you die in post vaccination, soon after vaccination"

"Pharmaceuticals hold tight to the ones that are not dying in post vaccination but refusing to conduct systemartic follow up statistics of vaccinated people. Except few tracked down people, the vast majority aren't bc, their vested economic interests are better served and profit them better by not tracking all post vaccinated people, so they can claim their alibi, " we had bestbintentions to save them with our vaccines, and we didn't know how widespread and incidentally significant or deadly dangerous were our vaccines..."
" yet these denyer pharmaceuticals now are saying it wasn't our vaccine that killed them. It was the variant/mutated pandemics and by shifting their product liability away, they are going to continue their profitting vaccination scheme and coverting their criminal responsibilitybinto a buyer beware civil claim, they esczpe prison but the only remedy the  a cine victims have is to win their civil tort but even then, if they have to compensate financially, they will simply urge their accomplice govs to shield them as unintended victims but nc of the emergency law they were aproved on, they are inmune and impune or simply filed for corporate bankruptcy chapter 11 a s they are off the hook but that leaves million of victims's families WITHOUT ANY REMEDY, as Joseph Mengele go free, unless the gov changes its mind or abolishes the laws immunizing the pharmaceuticals"
" fair minded few scientists would advice: don't get vaccinated until a real honest trial in vast humans yields theb. Result that there is a  new vaccine that stops all variants of pandemic sarscovid2, bc, all the current and present vaccines do not protect you against sarscovid2 and/or  worst, they dont peotect you against mutated pandemic viruses"

"Man made sarscovid2 and mutated psndemic viruses are uncontrolled and the greatest genocide of humanity is not only coming froms sarscovid2 and mutated virus pandemics but from the vaccines themselves bc theybwere not subjected to the usual 5 year rigorous trial in humans but under manipulated lab conditions to obtain the results the pharmaceuticals wanted to obtain and/ or were to a greatbor lesser degree, fudged and the result of these political vaccines are signficant number of humans are being killed.
First the unsafe& inefficient vaccinez i nnoculate the virus to identify the proteins of the MRNA of sarscovid2, so they can summon the immune defence cells to stop it. BUT THAT IS FAILED. a d the innoculation pandemic virus weakens/ kills your matural immune system and when a y mutated virus comes, you are dead because the mutated virus finishes off the leftover of your immune system& invades you all and you are clinically dead. Those survivors of previous sarscovid infection, you are not a superman& once they get you vaccinated, you organs and life are exposed and you may die or if by miracle you live, you will be irreversibly severely incapacitated to a wheelchair& on permanent oxygen respirators bc your heart& liver are casualties...barely... surviving"
" i urge scientists& forensic stuff to wait 30 days before you examine the vaccine victims, bc a few days after post mortum produces false results, compared to a month old corpse, where you see& find the deadly work the innoculated and/or variant pandemic viruses leave on the corpse of the victims. The blood remains & organs like the heart and liver are evidence that will help us understand and learn & gives a chance to better face off these man made pandenic viruses and to use it to find a true, safe and efficient vaccine, not on labs, but rigorously trialed in humans"

New clinical trials raise fears the coronavirus is learning how to resist vaccines 

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