Wait& See till a new CovidB.1.1.7 vaccine is trialed& aproved!

Wait &see till a new CovidB.1.1.7 vaccine is trialed & aproved!

You are told by pharmaceuticals and Oil govs, you have 20% chance to acquire SarsCovid 2 or be protected by antisarscovid2 vaccines.
Eith it they provoked  large and small panicked herds rushing to become vaccinated.
Once you are vaccinated you run the peril to suffer cross myeline degeneration by Astrazeneca vaccines or facial
muscle paralysis by Moderna vaccine, or heart attack by BiontechPhizer vaccine or run the risk to become incapacitated by SputnikV vaccine!
What the pro-vaccine pharmaceuticals& oil countries are not telling you, is they refuse to become vaccinated  by their own invented vaccines and above all they are implicitly lying to you, none of their antisarscovid2 vaccines can protect you against supercontagious  mutated covid B1.1.7 pandemic virus and countless other mutated pandemic viruses.
All these patented and none patented vaccines give you a false sense of security, bc they are unsafe& ineficient and fail to protect you against mutated covidB.1.1.7 pandemic virus
Why haven't Putin, Sahim and their pharmaceutical greedy accomplices not trialed and invented yet a safe and efficient vaccine against mutated covidB.1.1.7 pandemic virus that is spread globally?
Bc that would mean the 3 billions of vaccines from BiontechPhizer pharceutical would be trashed to the garbagge bins and cost them bankrruptcy bc their vaccine is useless and can't protect you against CovidB.1.1.7, so they play ignorant of the global existance of CovidB1.1.7 pandemic virus and keep vaccinated and look more markets for 80% of their vaccines and if you confront them with: How is your sarscovid2 vaccine protecting my life?
Purposefully will tell you, " its better to be protected against it and if it doesn't work in 6 months will boost your inmune system with a new vaccine bc we assume our sarscovid2 vaccine will be allowed to be readjusted and upgraded secret formula against CovidB1.1.7 by USFDA& EMA"
The problems with their assumed boost with a new readjusted vaccine, means is a dishobest scheme and/or a forgery and it can't be readjusted by simoly changing the old formula with a new readjusted formula, bc despite known for two months the pandemic threat by the mutated B117 pandemic virus, these pharmaceuticals didn't trial it and without trialing in medical clinical phase 3 trial, they have no medical data to prove a new covidB.1.1.7 vaccine works, and USDFA and EMA having not received the latter data, can't aprove it nor authorize its sale an/or distribution and Sahim's foregery scheme to removed its old sarscovid2 vaccine formika for a new covid2B.1.1.7 can't be readjusted nor done, bc it amounts to forgery, which can mean billions of vaccinated people being killed by vaccine innoculations of mercury, eggs, thimerosol and a wide cocktail of chemical secret ingredients which when not kept at minus70°C are deadly toxic.
Other vaccines have similar and/o different problems.
Dont get vaccinated but be cautious with your frail inmune system before you are rushed for them to destroy it. Please wait and see for a new covidB.1.1.7 vaccine which will come and become aproved by USFDA and EMA in a near future.
As for informed people, we won't vaccinate with their sarscovid2 vaccine bc its unsafe, inefficient& doesn't protect against the mutated global pandemic of covidB.1.1.7 and countless other mutations, bc our grandmothers survived the 1918 Spanish/Kansas flu by means of their own natural inmune system bc overtime our natural inmune system was able to keep its memory and recognizing the spanish flu, was able to destroy it.

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