Was the Pentagon attempting to impose a martial law Gov?

Was the Pentagon attempting to impose a martial law gov?

Military officers are attached to each congressional office and vets proliferate in congressional candidacies & growing in numbers in Congress, seemingly the Pentagon was an actor of State Power in the January 6th 2021's attempted sedition and embedded with armed militiamen, wearing tactical military gear, along with countless seditious people, racist confederate flags...aided and abetted from within the security aparatus of the capitol and washinghton DC police, these pentagon officers roamed congressional offices and broke into undetermined congressmen's offices& computers unconstitucionallly and illegally stealing sensitive national security information and after their federal criminal acts, after receiving electronic signals and messages, they left undisturbed by the security aparatus.
Their actions raises a big brother's specter:
Was the annual trillion dollar financed Pentagon attempting to imposr a martial law gov on January 6th& is it still executing it on January 17th and January 20th 2021?
When congress doesn't investigate& served subpoenas to those seditious suspects that include off duty military & police officers and covering it up misdirects it only after unfit sacrificial Trump, as it happened with R Nixon, when countless suspect criminals like Cheney, Runsfeld and the secretary of Nixon who erased 18 incriminating minutes...went free and there was never an investigation, it repeated the same, but this time more serious seditious attempt but against Congress, the people, the Constitution and our country!
But when congress refuses to investigate the Pentagon's role in the January 6th seditious attempt, not only the annual trillion dollar pentagon goes rewarded with immuninity and impunity, we will see this aryan seditious acts being repeated over and over& they may suceeed to some point in silencing investigative journalists, 333 million citizens and eventually imposing a martial law gov.
But we don't have the evidence to sentence them and as long as congress gets pigeon headed only after Trump, we are risking the health, the welfare and the lives of 333 million citizens and this polarized status will continue to grow, fed internally by those who escaped the watergate scandal which is small potatoes compared to the seditious attempt by all those named above and don't be surprised to e entually see a martial law gov, as in any banana republic, where the pentagon and multiple intelligence services have been experiencing for decades, like the Allende Coup, the assassination of Letellier in our own streets and the ongoing plans of intervention in Oil richest Venezuela...
See attached relevant newsclip, McCleod denouncing gross Pentagon misinformation of the attempted seditious act, with the pentagon desinforming the attempted seditious act as a first amendment protest act.
How can it be a protest, when they were armed in military tactical gear while roaming in a taken over congress's building?
Or are they framing it to ask as in 9/11, the taken away of our few remainder of cobstitutional rights, where we the people loose our first amendment for the seditious attempt  act of Jan 6th which has nothing to do with 333 million citizens for we already had voted Nov 3rd 2020 and were home and away from Washinghton DC?
10K seditious are not 333 million citizens, therefore stop lumping and defaming us innocents, under your malicious frame of anarchists terrorists and attempt to take 333 million people's 1st amendment.
10k people commited a seditioys act but not 333 million people, hence stop toying with your scheme of taking freedom of speech, right of peaceful grievance and freedom of peaceful assambly which is different from those 10k seditous groups of Jan 6th 2020!


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