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Don't you want to save Monarchs, bees& yourselves?

Don't you want to save Monarchs, bees& yourselves? # PlantMilkWeedToFeedBuffyAndBees if # YouTrullyWant to # SaveMonarchsAndYourselves  from # BeingGasedOutToExtinction by # NotEatingRedMeat # AbrogateOilCarbonGas # JoinCivilDisobedienceAtRefineries till Switching2 # SolarAndVegan # PoliticiansAndCorpsLie # JoinCivilDisobedienceHereNow #PlantFlowrs

Gobierno entrante o saliente?

Carta Abierta a EvoSinMorales LuchoTraidorArce: Re:Gbno entrante o Saliente? A Uds Incapaces les pregunto: Para q m...continuan con su o sesesion compulsiva-obsesiva de quemar nuestros bosques&rifan nuestras tierras quemadas por votos en elecciones regionales? Pa q mier...incrementan & perpetuan latifundio ganadero-soyero? Pa q mierd...continuan importando e imponiendo transgenicas q causan extincion de nuestra fauna& flora incaria& hambruna permanente y desertificacion xq sin arboles no hay lluvias ni aquiferos ni agua! Las vacunas corona no protegen contra multiples cepas mutantes ni fueron experimentadas clinicamente y aun sus vacunados se recontagian& contagian a otros. Asimismo sus vacunas extinguen nuestro natural sistema de immunidad con el q nacinos& nos expones a morir xcausa de tus vacunas politicas q no son seguras ni eficientes y asi nos genocidas con tus ineficientes vacunas, q aun inventores Sahun- Tureci no confian y rechazaron por 5 meses

COP26 another deception to perpetuate deadly oil, carbon& gas...

COP26 another deception to perpetuate deadly Oil, Carbon& Gas& mislead us to the Point of No Return! COP26' goals are virtual, as virtual as its bad predecessors! COP26' results are empty pledges made by incorregible cheating deadly polluter G7&BRICS countries, who only talk, talk, talk without Abrogating fossil fuel, carbon& gas WITHOUT Polluter G7&BRICS TRULY ABROGATING THEIR COUNTLESS SUBSIDIES FOR FOSSIL, CARBON& GAS! They want to sell you euphemisms like resilience, adaptation, mitigation which really mean: resign yourself to our donation change 4 beggars which we are throwing at you: 100 billion dollars in exchange 4 you to sell me ten fold pollution increases so under the excuse of carbon zero2050, you resign yourself as good beggars to die quietly inside your CombustionCoffinCars with a fare inYour mouth, so Charon can ferry you & your family to the other shore of the Stix river in the valley of death! No, no, no! We reject G7& BRIC

FB vs The People of the Earth!

   FB Vs the People of the Earth! FB, the supranational global social media is an incorregible Samson, who has a pattern of abuse record, globally! When it pleases FB and is for its own monipolistic interest perpetuation, if you get in their way as obnoxious apprentice TrumpDaTramp is, without a hearing, w/o evidence, Samson FB will revoke your FB pg and violate your free speech and constittutional rights. In absence of apprentice Trump in FB, i gather FB is not letting him come back to express and exercise his constitutional rights. I, an ordinary citizen& retired faculty member, w/o any hearing& w/o any due process was wrongfully suspended repeatedly and FB staff hid and refused to answet and disclose their alleged evidence and never did but kept repeatedly suspending me. Tired of their abuse, began to write to congress, EU and other govs, etc and eventually FB began to back off from their abuse pattern against me. Their pattern of abuse showed me FB had secret arrangem

Steinbeck says...

John Steinbeck says ..." Knowing a man well never leads to hate but almost always leads to love" I say: Practice his legacy with wisdom&with # Who Deserves You Boys AlwaysBurstInAnger when they're love needy&want to love But #Love Must Be Reciprocal, else he is a # Useless Narcissist who will take&take& take&give nothing in return butAbuseU, bc he # WRONGLY ASUMES He Owns You # HE is A SlaveOwner 

Being separated from

Open letter to Dear Senator Alex Padilla, Calif, USA Being separated from parents causes  lifetime PTSD! WeJewishChildrenSeparatedFromPersecutedParents by Notzees # WeSufferedLifetimePTSD ! PlsSaveNow # ImmigrantChildren from # SufferingLifetimePTSD IntroduceSenateBill: # KeepICEDetainedChildrenWithMomUnderHumaneConditions # WhileDadsRSeparatedfromFamily WhileICEProcess

arce va a perder en Elecciones regionales!

Arce va a perder en Elecciones Regionales @Evoespueblo @LuchoEsBolivia NosIndigenas hastiados de ser usadosXUds Xq UdsNosGenocidaronX15AnosigualQAnez, estamosEnLasCalles contraTuGenocidioXCoronaXHambruna XVacunasQNoProtejenContrCepasMutantes YProtegesGenocidasCuellarVelardeRojasConDetencionesDomiciliarias 981DiasPaTuRenuncia ConParosYDerrotadoEnEleccionesRegionales #VamosASalirAdelante #ConArceEnChonchocoroXGenocidaYExiliadorDeIndigenas

Are we not Defending our lives?

Are we not Defending our lives? Perpetuating OilPandemic& carbon Dioxide Pandemic & Gasing our lungs with GHG is inhuman! Not only our polar bears are being marked for extinction but Humanity! Either # we Peacefully JoinGretaWith CivilDisobedienceAtRefineries till gasmen agree to stop gasing us as they gased 6 million innocent europeans during WWII, or  gasmen are going to gas us till our lungs colapse and they will make us extinct!

Old failed carbon tax policy is pushed again!

Old failed carbon tax policy is pushed again! # CarbonPriceOnPollution # CarbonCashback # Its the old american failed carbon tax policy under VP Biden & here they go again with their failed carbon tax policy at ParisAgreement! Which only Perpetuates Oil CarbonPandemic # TrillionsOfPlantinesDie Without Rain& without water Bc # BlackRockFinancedBurningForestsGlobally To IncreaseRedMeat& Transgenic Soy # PermanentDrought NoPermafrost NoGlaciars HumanityGoes Extinct # JoinCivilDisobedience At RefineriesTo Abrogate Oil Now Or they will make us extinct!

Greta doesn't want to grow up!

Greta doesn't want to grow up! Unlike # BraveClimateDefenderDishaRavi,  refusing to grow up Greta talks-without- actions eternally as BlackRock Global Gov keeps it up:Regresive count to point of No- Return! # FollowGretaCivilDisobedienceAtRefineries or # BlackRockWillMakeHumanityExtinct inside  # CombustionCoffinCars

Don't be herded to vaccines!

Dont be herded to vaccines! How r ur words without actions saving them? As adult are you going to become extinct like us while speaking uselessly instead of leading us at refineries with #CivilDisobedienceNow as Ghandi,MLK,JaneFonda,ExtinctionRebelionEndeGelandeDishaRavi?Or r U resigned To # Go Extinct In Your Coffin Car? We.must be in action& not behind our desks, bc with double mask& social distance We are safe rather than be piggy banks for endless sarsCovid2 vaccines, which don't stop countlesd pandemic mutations like the Cal20C, Russian Pandemic, Brazilian, southAfrican, English pandemic mutation, etc! With so many vaccines, have you ever asked how much and how frequent vaccines can kill you rather than prptect you? Children get a mild infection and heal without a vaccine. Then why would you force children to be sarscovid2 vaccinated, when it doesn't protect against pandemic mutations? And when children are vaccinated they get the same infection as Non- Va

...Paris Agreement Delusion!

Cheaters Club of incorregible drunks allege saving humanity with Oil-Carbon Pandemic but killling Humanity: Paris Agreement Delussion! Since its foundation, this cheaters club meets when incorregible drunks in the name of G-20, BRICS& 200 countries with free media mileage has been making headlines and led 8 billion humans ti believe Paris agreement was going to defend us immediatelly and here from the growing existential threat of extinction. Year after year these incorregible& incurable drunks made us believe they were a out to abrogate oil-carbon pandemic. The more we listened to drunk O ama, Kerry and his truckloaded G20 drunk corporate & NGOs accomplices we were furthet away and then in subsecuent meetings, paris agreement of drunk- cheaters pushed further away to distant dates the goal to be carbon zero. In 2018 these drunk cheaters from G-20, BRICS Etched on rock 2050 the date for carbon zero but kept hiding they had returned to heavily drink more of it and true to

FB wants to Lord over Humanity under Black Rock Global Management!

FB wants to Lord over Humanity under BlackRock Global Management! Extorsionist FB is not only banned Australians but is flagrantly violated Australians Free speech constitutional rights! Humanity and natikbs of the world, wake up! FB is a supranational economic extorsionist who alleges FB has a working relationship with news generatting agencies& that the Australian gov must butt off. As we forewarned you for 3 years now, these global platforms like FB, are supranational State Actors who arecartogstingbthemselves illegitimatelly, suprnational state powers to silence nationa who ask them to be accountabke for their inconstitutional violations FB is saying, either you govs, continue to play deaf, blind and stupid ok r if you wuestuon our 80% proffits we make as okatform gate keepers, or we will silence your country, your whole citizens and gagged your constotutional rights, specially your freedom of speech. Follow the Australian gov fi

Totalitarianism is on the way!

Totalitarianism is on the way!  If you get no vaccine certifications see this totalitarian global agenda to impose vaccine segregation& discriminatory policies, all to enrich pharmaceutical Corporations by colluding govs? Vaccine Corps are using you like a vaccine pacman of countless ineficient vaccines that will irreversibly end your natural immune Defenses& your life& humanity's, with countless mutated Pandemic viruses, for which there  haven't been invented vaccines yet?

3 milleniums of senseless wars&senseless genocides!

3 milleniums of senseless wars& senseless genocides! White Christian Nationalism&Supremacy is caused 3 milleniums of countless wars& countless genocides of Non-Religious&Non-WhiteChristianNationalists! If you have no respect,no reciprocity&No peaceful coexistance with our neighbors, you have no cure bc #Erroneusly In The Name Of God U Will Kill And Die senselessly!

Are you vaccinated guineapig-pacman-pigguy bank 4Pharmaceutical Corps or are you a Non-Vaccinated human?

Are you vaccinated guineapig-pacman-piggy bank4Pharmaceutical Corps or are you Defeating mutated pandemics as Non-Vaccinated human? Now that heartless pharmaceutical corporations have converted you to a guinea pig-pacman- piggy bank for countless vaccines multiple times per year and killed your natural immune system you have become an addict to vaccines that can only be alive so long the Gov pays 4vaccines but when pharmaceuticals jack up their vaccine prices sky high& gov step up population control, your vaccinated grandparents will be the first billon to go, then 1 billion of pregnant mothers will be gone, then those above 40 years of age will be gone. Then 3 billion colored people will be gone and as they are preserving their master race, green& grey eyed people under 40 who have expensive pre- medical conditions will be gone and as they got their master race blue eyed people under 30, will be the few thousands astronaut like protected to live with 100% oxygen bottles on th

With what right did Fujimori & his masters, sterilized Peruvian indians?

With what right did Fujimori& his masters, sterilized Peruvian indians? Japanes fascist Fujimori sterlized indigenous women w/o their consent and many died as a consequence of Fujimori's authoritarian secret sterilizations policies during his dictator years. Can you imagine the pain of the victims and their families and the lack of justice since 1990 and you ask, for all the excruciating pain, Post Traumatic Stress disorder the victims carry throughout their lives, why Fujimory is not man up and ask them forgiveness and paid them just compensation? Not with Fujimori and his master's master race policy makers who caused countless sterilizations across borders in multiple countries, whose doctrine was authored by US Supreme justice Oliver Wendell Holmes " 3 generations of imbecils are enough" and Andrew Jackson said it, "The best indian is a dead indian" Killed american indians& sterilizalized american indian women, so they can become extinct for b

Humanless ghostly Tomorrow!

Humanless Ghostley Tomorrow! They tell us tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow it will be all solved with the Paris agreement carbon zero. But  it is perpertual cheaters' scheme without ever reaching zero but false Promises& false hopes! The only peaceful way, is massively # Join Civil Disobedience Round Refineries until they switch to solar& vegan now, bc there is no tomorrow but a # Humanless Ghostly Tomorrow

Too little to late...will produce Arauz victory!

Too little too late: Alienating Native indigenous will produce Arauz Victory in Ecuador! USA Media had already overlooked the mini-Fraud& beforeendig thecount had already declared Banker Lasso winner to run against Arauz. We peaceful indigenous Climate Defenders denounced said primary election fraud. If the election fraud went immune, the USA's backed candidate Banket Lasso would have handed the presidential victory to Arauz. Come their partial election recount but  it's too little to late to erase the distrust& the fraud and the consequences with Banket Lasso running against Arauz, will still be handing presidential victory to Arauz bc globallyfacing irreversible famine, drought, desertification and oil& carbon pandemic& multiple mutating pandemic sarscovid2 is alienated and driven Native indigenous away from major oil polluter USA "empty words& pseudo GND policy" Hence the USA will see Arauz president and will have to coexist with Arauz or st

FB Banned President Trump& icon Robert Kennedy Jr!

FB banned President Trump& icon Robert Kennedy Jr! Can FB explain to the world, why without finding of guilt, FB& other social media have banned President Trump while he was in office& why FB follows the pattern of banning people for their peaceful free speech? Robert Kennedy Jr, whose relative was irreversibly damaged neurologically by vaccine, expressed his disagreement in herding people to be sarsCovid2 vaccinated, bc presently there is no scientific vaccine to protect us 100% from mutated pandemics, a true fact! When these emminence people are banned prior to any trial& without a guilty finding& without any due process given to them, what awaits ordinary people like you or me? Had owner of Instagram, FB opted to give them timely substantive and procedural due process and find Trump& Robert Kennedy Jr guilty as charged, FB would have gained respect, but by denying their constitutional rights, FB is loosing the battle for the hearts and minds of a signific

USBanker Lasso is handing upcoming presidential

US Banker Lasso is handing upcoming presidential Ecuatorian victory to Arauz! By consumating an Ecuatorian mini-fraud through a razor thin fabricated victory over popular ecuatorian Climate Defender Yaku "Water" Perez Lasso is not only triggering the anger of indigenous Quechua Ecuatorians which will unlesh popular violence against US Banker Lasso in the midsts of global mutating Pandemics that is becoming out of control because no vaccine stops them but ultimatelly discredited as a violence election author, unwillingly the USBanker will hand election victory to Arauz. This mini-fraud caused by US Banker Lasso coes clearer in his having cleaned his mouth before eating, that is before a few thousands of remainig votes not even counted yet, went to Lasso by US Media Blomberg News, already announcing Lasso's victory, when the electoral Commitee has not even finished the official count nor proclaimed Lasso as the victor to face 2nd round election in April 2021! Come April

...demasiado tarde& demasiado poco...

@ LuchoXBolivia Demasiado tarde& demasiado poco tu show de juicios tardios, puesto q ya nos estas genocidando sin Cuarentena&con pandemias mutantes& vacunas ineficientes! Como Mesa renunciaras&fugaras a La Quiaca, Argentina pa evitar morir preso convicto en Chonchocoro, como Mesa & Arce Gomes tu pariente Genocida

Please, bring back our mothers, sisters& daughters!

Please, bring back our mothers, sisters& daughters! Throughout the USA, consistently for years, female POC are being taken away without much trail to investigate, locate and rescue them. Almost dIly you read in the media, this scary& disheartening reality and State and Federal Law agencies are not rescuing the women. Native Americans, Latino-chicanas, black the USA, are disappearing. Some people think older women just go away for a while. Others say they are fleeing domestic abuse... But if they are old in this sarscovid2 crisis time, senior citizen women would not sioly leave without leaving a trace. Younger mothers can't be all fleeing domestic abuse, anandoning their beloved children abandoned behind. And if it's covid, we would find them in funeral mortuaries or at least we would read about them in the media. But they are not there and there is names is the media do not appear nor law agencies call with fatal news of finding their bodies. And of

FB, Twitter&Google are taking away our free Speech rights!

FB, Twitter&Google are taking away our free Speech rights! Part 1 # BlackRock global corporatist gov is advised FaceBook,Twitter& Google to collude with govs to clamp down on People's free Speech & the remainder of our constitutional rights by these 3 social media actors of Supranational State power beyond borders. For evidence see below Deutche Welle newsclips or read them at Deutsche Welle) As you can see since Jan6th2021, corporatists& Govs are upping the Ante for them to materialize their master plan& for their master race of money men: Big Brother! Big Brother is a  De-facto Gov with 3 Defacto Kings(and not a State acting under the constitution): King ExecutiveGov, king JudicialGov, KingLegislativeGov. Of this 3, the biggest & strongest is the KingExecutiveGov/ Antichrist, followed by the Beasts! And the antichrist imposes its marks/ CovidVaccines. Please remember the abobe is forecoming! Presently each person needs to decide: 1) if they lik

After your show.. Abrogate your American-Berlin-Barbed Wire-Wall of Big Brother!

After your show is over, please abrogate your American-Berlin- Barbed Wire-Wall of Big Brother! This is a corporatistDemocratic show between CorporatistDemocrats Vs CorporatistRepubicans but they are one oil- Dixie-Corporatism! They will square it off within corporatism without the People. But Whatever you elite oilCorporatists do, don't take away the remainder of our Constitutional laws under the excuse of National Security law's TerroristLaw against Americans, bc we climate Defenders have nothing to do with what the TrumpCorporatists did on Jan6th and it's unfair to take it against 333 innocent Americans just as they did in post 911, with the taking of our constitutional laws and now  with Jan6th contro ed Act, concocting a new terrorist law to unjustly take away the remainder of our constitutional rights. To all the Oil Corporatists we ask: After Trump is disposed of, abrogate the unconstitutional AmericanBerlinBarbedWireWall from the white house because it is a p

Bolivia regional Elections 2021!

Open letter to Lucho Arce Re: Regional Elections 2021 EvoluchoVotoFraude: you assume, we Climate Defenders indigenous voters are your pawns to perpetuate you& your white racist antiindigenous LatifundistWhiteCabinet& took us for granted without giving us an indigenous Cabinet, an indigenous Supreme Justice Tribunal, TSE& indigenous Congress! You are dead wrong in having missused our indigenous votes to exclude us from gov& keeping our leader exiled for asking you to cuarentine Bolivia& hold back a couple years till a true vaccine against mutated pandemics can be found. Now you transexual man scream hysterically, bc we are pushing from many parties, our indigenous candidates to be elected March 2021! You can scream& keep crying all you want, but we are not voting for your khara racist, discriminator Latifundist Gov Antiindigenous and Anti climate defenders! You tried to extortion us to vote for your regional candidates Cronenbold, Adriana Salvatierra, Dock

Already we experienced thousands of oil pipe ruptures!

Already we experienced thousands of deadly oil pipe ruptures! Oil corporations always lie and allege their oul pipelines never break. But reality is quite deadly! This oil pipe coming from Canada, through From Alberta to Wisconsin&Michigan & back to Ontario, Canada! Canada, has no benefit for us in the USA but plenty immense irreversible damages to frail biodiversity, our foo chain, drinking water systems& our lives. Why not remove the oil pipes permanently, to survive oil death by pipeline ruptures and only use solar& Vegan to survive? There are 26K miles of criscrossing explosive oil pipes under our soil in USA. Prevent or let denyer-oilCorporations kill you? What do you answer? And then there is billionaire oil tax scheme: Day& Night time they loaded oil to oil trucks in USA to American refineries, without paying oil taxes to federal & States, for decades. Why don't we demand auditing this canadian oil pipe line to have them pay taxes& the pena

Open letter to EvoluchoArce...the beggining of the end!

OpenLetter to EvoLucho Arce EvoCoward Morales You colluders& retaliators lost suit& haven't paid to @ RebecaDelgado @ EduardoMaldonado 4 violating their political rights& cinically you both are violating your very law's 2 years residency requirement4candidate Dockweiller 4 LaPaz! U destroyed Bolivia denying us Cuarentine&IneficientVaccinesAgainst mutated Pandemics&48Hr CivilDisobedience Sirmes led, is the genesis of a long struggle: you are getting flipped over 4 Being A Genocider& before 992 days U will Write in Quiaca, Argentina, "Ppl put me into Power& Ppl threw me out"

"Citizens...decided on matters, themselves"& not some rigged olygarchy!

"Citizens... decided on matters, themselves"& not some rigged olygarchy! Advised by BlackRock Global Management Corporation, nowadays corporatists like Mody& UncleJoeFromEgypt&Myammar's military coup makers and Theocrats, call their govs Democrats&Democracy Defenders& God's representatives on Earth puffed up like gods alleging moral Authority from god, call others Constitutional violators& Human right violators& "Enemy within" and magnify their lying narrative a billion times through the media they control or shut it down and demonize their peaceful& unarmed citizens as alleged "Terrorists", invoke USA's created National Security/Emergency law/State of siege, to clamp them down into silence& blind obedience to keep ruling in the name of god! Mody hates his fossil fuel& carbon& corporatist policies being questioned as tyranical. And UncleJoeFromEgypt hates being question how his corporatist oil frac

Luis Arce se va renunciando en menos de 994 dias!

Luis Arce se va renunciando en menos de 994 dias # Masis COBistas Y MarcelistasResistimosDictadurasCivilMilitarGenocida Hasta Hoy G20&BRICScuarentenan Dec5 Nos NegasteCuarentena # Vacunas No ProtegenContra Pandemias Mutantes  # Vamos A Salir Adelante # Culpando X Muertos A opositores? Escribiras Exiliado en Quiaca # Como Salve Almas De MasisMuertos # PuebloDio Y El Pueblo te Echo

Luis Arce Genocider ByPandemic will resign before 995 days are over!

Luis Arce Genocider by Pandemic will resign before 995 days are over! On the 14th year of unjust exile Dr Felipe Campos pointed out Evo was becoming a perpetual Dictator under a fake mask of liberator and turning his rejection to having lost 21F referendum, boldly evo lied saying per the San Jose Agreement, his HR was more important than the constitutional rights of 12 million indigenous Bolivians! And then up the ante with his colluding Latifundists cattle men and cruelly live-burned billions of innocent helpless animals& forests and purchased votes by handing away through INRA 10 million HAS of burn forest for latifundioVotes but Mallku Felipe Campos a Pachamama protector and exilee, along with others flipped ugly fatsoEvo over with massive and long protests In the streets to put an indigenous cabinet in power! But the CIA overflooded with millions of dollars and with a coupstole the revolution and imposed Anez in exchange of letting his contractee Evo flee and fly to mexico! A

RacialEquity is not Racial equality!

RacialEquity is not Racial equality! Equity Is Financial& reciprocal among Financially Solvent Social Classes! Equity Has No Relationship To RacialEquality betwen Diferent Social Classes& you are falling 4 # Financially Solvent& Controlling Corporatist DoctrineOf RacialEquity Between WallStreeters! # MLK Died 4 Racial Equality 4 People of Color # Racial Equality & Social Justice!

Ugur Sahim & Ozlam Tureci Why Create Vaccines then refuse vaccinated yourself. Must be unsafe

Why did you herd like rush to become vaccinated when UgurSahim-OzlamTureci continue to refuse their own vaccines! Part VI Sadly if you are one of countless millons of vaccinated people this is your coming future: 1) Irreversibly you severely destroyed and/or weakened your matural immube system that was defending you against pathogens like this sarscovid2 2)Pharmaceuticals corps & gov have now irreversibly inserted a foreign deadly sarscovid2 pathogen in your body 3) now these phatmaceuticals& gov have turned you into a human "vaccine pacman" who to is not protected against mutated deadly covidB.1.1.7& covidSudafrica& CovidBrazil and tens of other mutated pandemic viruses and know there are no vaccines against these mutated more deadly pandemic viruses. 4) as a human "Vaccine  pacman", you must continue eating, new vaccines, " pac, pac, pac"& someday when your master pharmaceuticals& gov find a new vaccine, you will be vaccina