After your show.. Abrogate your American-Berlin-Barbed Wire-Wall of Big Brother!

After your show is over, please abrogate your American-Berlin- Barbed Wire-Wall of Big Brother!

This is a corporatistDemocratic show between CorporatistDemocrats
Vs CorporatistRepubicans but they are one oil- Dixie-Corporatism!
They will square it off within corporatism without the People.
Whatever you elite oilCorporatists do, don't take away the remainder of our Constitutional laws under the excuse of National Security law's TerroristLaw against Americans, bc we climate Defenders have nothing to do with what the TrumpCorporatists did on Jan6th and it's unfair to take it against 333 innocent Americans just as they did in post 911, with the taking of our constitutional laws and now  with Jan6th contro ed Act, concocting a new terrorist law to unjustly take away the remainder of our constitutional rights.
To all the Oil Corporatists we ask:
After Trump is disposed of, abrogate the unconstitutional AmericanBerlinBarbedWireWall from the white house because it is a public free speech area, which the temporary tenant there, violating our constitution, erected without 333 Million american's approval, a shameful AmericanBerlinBarbedWireWall of Big Brother!
See Orwell's "1984" Movie which now in year 2021 we are facing it!

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