Already we experienced thousands of oil pipe ruptures!

Already we experienced thousands of deadly oil pipe ruptures!

Oil corporations always lie and allege their oul pipelines never break. But reality is quite deadly!
This oil pipe coming from Canada, through From Alberta to Wisconsin&Michigan & back to Ontario, Canada! Canada, has no benefit for us in the USA but plenty immense irreversible damages to frail biodiversity, our foo chain, drinking water systems& our lives.
Why not remove the oil pipes permanently, to survive oil death by pipeline ruptures and only use solar& Vegan to survive?
There are 26K miles of criscrossing explosive oil pipes under our soil in USA. Prevent or let denyer-oilCorporations kill you?
What do you answer?
And then there is billionaire oil tax scheme: Day& Night time they loaded oil to oil trucks in USA to American refineries, without paying oil taxes to federal & States, for decades.
Why don't we demand auditing this canadian oil pipe line to have them pay taxes& the penalty for evading taxes, cleaning the oil leaks& prison for these oil schemers?

Pipeline Spill Danger - Oil & Water Don't Mix

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