Are you vaccinated guineapig-pacman-pigguy bank 4Pharmaceutical Corps or are you a Non-Vaccinated human?

Are you vaccinated guineapig-pacman-piggy bank4Pharmaceutical Corps or are you Defeating mutated pandemics as Non-Vaccinated human?

Now that heartless pharmaceutical corporations have converted you to a guinea pig-pacman- piggy bank for countless vaccines multiple times per year and killed your natural immune system you have become an addict to vaccines that can only be alive so long the Gov pays 4vaccines but when pharmaceuticals jack up their vaccine prices sky high& gov step up population control, your vaccinated grandparents will be the first billon to go, then 1 billion of pregnant mothers will be gone, then those above 40 years of age will be gone. Then 3 billion colored people will be gone and as they are preserving their master race, green& grey eyed people under 40 who have expensive pre- medical conditions will be gone and as they got their master race blue eyed people under 30, will be the few thousands astronaut like protected to live with 100% oxygen bottles on their backs will remain to live mext to digitalized robots producing  electronic commodities& operating planting and harvesting under huge submarine citadels, ruled by GodlyJoeFromEgypt who will ration transgenic food& scarce drinking bottle water and sleeping in bunker beds.
We the few who from 2019 on protecting our immune system refused to kill our natural immune Defenses with which we were born, like our grandma's generation in 1918 withstood the spanish flu pandemic and survived, we with double masks, keeping social distance and desinfecting ourselves, we are surviving countless mutated pandemic viruses, will be among the few survivors but enduring racist- segregationists gov policies unjustly barring us from universities, airlines& clubs..
bec we refused Vaccines to enrich Pharmaceutical Corps like Ugur Sahim's, and we are being segregated as animals and since we refused godlyJoeFrom Egypt and his mandated beastly branding our bodies with countless vaccines, he sent rifle hunting poseys after Non-Vaccinated us and we live in dark caves but are alive and barely feeding ourselves with edible organic roots and sprouting plants.
Which group are you with?
1] The Already converted guineapig-pacman-puggy bank for pharmaceutical vaccine corps?
2) Non-vaccinated, preserving Natural immune system people who are defeating mutated sarscovid pandemics without vaccines?

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