Bolivia regional Elections 2021!

Open letter to
Lucho Arce
Re: Regional Elections 2021

you assume, we Climate Defenders indigenous voters are your pawns to perpetuate you& your white racist antiindigenous LatifundistWhiteCabinet& took us for granted without giving us an indigenous Cabinet, an indigenous Supreme Justice Tribunal, TSE& indigenous Congress!
You are dead wrong in having missused our indigenous votes to exclude us from gov& keeping our leader exiled for asking you to cuarentine Bolivia& hold back a couple years till a true vaccine against mutated pandemics can be found.
Now you transexual man scream hysterically, bc we are pushing from many parties, our indigenous candidates to be elected March 2021!
You can scream& keep crying all you want, but we are not voting for your khara racist, discriminator Latifundist Gov Antiindigenous and Anti climate defenders!
You tried to extortion us to vote for your regional candidates Cronenbold, Adriana Salvatierra, Dockweiler...regional candidates but we will defeat them and defeat you and your latifundio police& military impune genocider gov bc we are sick and tired of your defending them& made secret deals giving Anez Gov genociders immunity& impunity!
Continuing to cause forest fires& givong away our lithium you are causing permanent droughts, water scarcity, desert land, transgenic foos& teansgenic cows will increase famine in Bolivia & vaccinating us with inefficient& unsafe vaccines you are conmitting genocide of climate defenders, bc obsolete & ineficient sarscovid2 vaccines do not protect us from getting infected& transmiting infeccions and being dead in post vaccination.
These post vaccination deads you are causing it with your obsolete &unsafe vaccines. Intentionally you play ignorant and fabricate excuses to justify your dead vaccinated people, alleging falsely as the pharmaceutical vaccine corporations, " they died of preexisting medical conditions, such as heart..."
They were alive with these preexisting conditions but knowingly your imposed vaccination caused their hearts, livers, kidneys and lungs to fail and your victims died bc of your obsolete& ineficient vaccines which dont protect us against mutated-sarscovid2- pandemics!

March is your defeat in regional elections& before 991 days to escape community justice and/ or Chonchocoro prison for your covidGenocides against the People, you will resign& self exile as a justice fugitive, same as EvoCowardMorales, &crying you will play your guitar, "The People voting put me into power, the sovereign people kicked me out of power for genociding them with mutated-covid-Pandemic them from my whiteJudasCabinet& excluding them from my WhiteLatifundistCabinet"

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