"Citizens...decided on matters, themselves"& not some rigged olygarchy!

"Citizens... decided on matters, themselves"& not some rigged olygarchy!

Advised by BlackRock Global Management Corporation, nowadays corporatists like Mody& UncleJoeFromEgypt&Myammar's military coup makers and Theocrats, call their govs Democrats&Democracy Defenders& God's representatives on Earth puffed up like gods alleging moral Authority from god, call others Constitutional violators& Human right violators& "Enemy within" and magnify their lying narrative a billion times through the media they control or shut it down and demonize their peaceful& unarmed citizens as alleged "Terrorists", invoke USA's created National Security/Emergency law/State of siege, to clamp them down into silence& blind obedience to keep ruling in the name of god!
Mody hates his fossil fuel& carbon& corporatist policies being questioned as tyranical. And UncleJoeFromEgypt hates being question how his corporatist oil fracking policies& trillion tree seed plantings are going to grow without rain& without water for 50 years before they can be of any use, while he keeps perpetuating oil& carbon pandemic 20X& plans to legalize fossil fuel through the failed ParisAgreement-Of- Cheaters, with a beggars carbon tax& double carbon credits, as if being amnesic or thinking people are too stupid to realize uncle Joe as USA's VP tried and failed same carbon tax scheme in the USA, but calculates 8 billion humans facing famine will simply accept his useless carbon tax, bc he views  8 billion humans as wretched beggars, who can spend meager carbon tax as they please while suffering carbon pandemic, mitigation, resilience, adaptation& resignation to become extinct "Let the body die quietly as good christians& wait in heaven for god to let them into his mansion of the many rooms"
Myammar's military who co-participated with Sung Kye's genocides& deadly exile of millions of unarmed& peaceful islamic Rhoginjah citizens from their own Myammar country, to squalid infrahuman conditions in Bangladesh, washing their blood stained military hands, with a narrative of lies, self proclaimed themselves as pseudo Defenders of the Constitution& to allegedly stopped sung Kye's fraudulent reelection victory, seized her & her gov's henchmen& threw them into prison!
Francisco Orgollo AKA pope& Ayatolah Kameini chastised their own people when question about inhuman pedophilia& HeavenFraud, said they are vicarious gods on Earth& commanded them not to denounce the pedophile priests to the police but to the church& and that they will correct these tresspassers by disciplining the tresspassing priests and give the denouncing parents atonements to purify their souls.
You wonder whether Orgollo will ever crack down on his unruly priests violating altar girls and boys. It continues the abuse si Orgollo's promises are empty! The Ayatollah says its not the place of women to judge men and he assured them sooner of later they will have god's deterrent weapon to stop the invading hordes of infidels&Israelies.
No matter which of the above govs you live under, they are all lying, self righteous, self serving career politicians under sheeps clothes, whose machiavellian policies are corporatist's credo for the good of the state, who demonize others as the "external enemy" and you as the "Enemy within" to unleash McCarthism persecutions of innocent citizens to force them into silence& then keep seducing and controlling the people, who is the true source of legitimacy and power and is the true& only sovereign.
Without those two kinds of created enemies, your gov violations of HR & constitutional violations would become visible and sooner than later the passive sovereign/The people, would gather on the streets, and take de cisions& as they gave those govs power, they can take it away from them.
But BlackRock global management of govs through financial& media monopoly advises these serving govs to act through 3 branches of gov, to disorganize/divide the People and & keep reigning over them!
UncleJoeFromEgypt's lying narrative is, "I was elected to unite the country" But not the People?
But when the contrived coup was disposed of& his POTUS locked and is trialing those pawns who broke the penal laws on June 6th, he excluded 333 million people by enjoying himself eith his olygarchic rulling corporatists, enjoying banquets inside  his erected American BerlinBardedWireWall which implicitely indicated it will remain in perpetuit as the POTUSAmericanBerlinBarbedWireWall, so no peaceful and innocent and unarmed Climate Defender protestor can be visibly being seeing protesting  in the debate-public forum of the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, Congress, etc, so he can continue his royal ruling with perpetual FossilFuel&Carbon, bc JoeFromEgypt made a career with them& they bank rolled him to power, so he is paying back to # BlackRock global Management of govs!
You as part of the Sovereign must act peacefully and when their lying narrative becomes intolerable, you weigh it and make your sovereign decision whether your employee stays in the Barbed wire mansion or you lay him off as in any job, when your employee doesn't meet your expectations, you lay him off. That's is your sole perrogative as the true sovereign, as in ancient Greece, "citizens choose their rulers and decided on matters, themselves" and not some rigged oligarchy!

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