COP26 another deception to perpetuate deadly oil, carbon& gas...

COP26 another deception to perpetuate deadly Oil, Carbon& Gas& mislead us to the Point of No Return!

COP26' goals are virtual, as virtual as its bad predecessors!
COP26' results are empty pledges made by incorregible cheating deadly polluter G7&BRICS countries, who only talk, talk, talk without Abrogating fossil fuel, carbon& gas WITHOUT
They want to sell you euphemisms like resilience, adaptation, mitigation which really mean: resign yourself to our donation change 4 beggars which we are throwing at you: 100 billion dollars in exchange 4 you to sell me ten fold pollution increases so under the excuse of carbon zero2050, you resign yourself as good beggars to die quietly inside your CombustionCoffinCars with a fare inYour mouth, so Charon can ferry you & your family to the other shore of the Stix river in the valley of death!
No, no, no!
We reject G7& BRICS trading carbon pollution under their scheme of carbon tax& double carbon credit!
We, Humanity, refuse to trade your fossil fuel, carbon& gas because no amount of money can stop your deadly greenhouse gases from killing our lungs, our organs and killing us with cancers.
No, we reject your scheme of increasing 1.5C or 4C or 10C!
Simply put, we refuse your G7's& BRICS' deadly pollution.
We wanted you to abrogate your GHG here and now & not in 2030, 2035 or 2050 or 2060!
No, we don't want your deadly beggars change for you to perpetuate your oil, carbon& fracking gas until 2050 or beyond!
No, we don't want to sell our lungs or health or life nor the health and life of our children or our poor neighbors's lives!
We want to preserve our natural ecosystems, flora & fauna & health & life.
Oil corp, G7 and BRICS governments go drink your oil, eat your carbon, breath your fracking gas, mercury & if you like to end your health or life do it by yourself but don't touch our lungs , our health and life!
Since you only sell PR, propaganda and perpetuation of deadly oil, carbon & gas, keep your COP26 for yourself, because nothing good can come from it, because it's rigged to perpetuate your interests and not for us nor for humanity, the animals or plants!
As you countlessly play through your global media your  useless paris agreement of cheaters and your useless COP schemes, we want no part of it, because the time to talk and negociate is long overdue!
This is a peaceful call to
Reflection: These incorregible, money greedy Corps & G7& BRICS govs are not talking of ending here and now their deadly GHG emissions and the only thing we have is peaceful Disobedience, Sooner or later pushed by global famine and global scarcity of water and oxygen to breath & massive climate catastrophe migrations. We will have to be at the refineries till oil Corps, Carbon mines & fracking GAS sites till govs& Corps agree to abrogate, here and now, their deadly emissions because we want to survive & give our children a humane future and not let G7& BRICS's Govs& Oil Corps throw beggars change at them and us!

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