Don't be herded to vaccines!

Dont be herded to vaccines!

How r ur words without actions saving them?
As adult are you going to become extinct like us while speaking uselessly instead of leading us at refineries with
#CivilDisobedienceNow as Ghandi,MLK,JaneFonda,ExtinctionRebelionEndeGelandeDishaRavi?Or r U resigned To # Go Extinct In Your Coffin Car?
We.must be in action& not behind our desks, bc with double mask& social distance
We are safe rather than be piggy banks for endless sarsCovid2 vaccines, which don't stop countlesd pandemic mutations like the Cal20C, Russian Pandemic, Brazilian, southAfrican, English pandemic mutation, etc!
With so many vaccines, have you ever asked how much and how frequent vaccines can kill you rather than prptect you?
Children get a mild infection and heal without a vaccine.
Then why would you force children to be sarscovid2 vaccinated, when it doesn't protect against pandemic mutations?
And when children are vaccinated they get the same infection as Non- Vaccinated children, so why to endanget children with vaccines that don't protect, rather than protect the children by having them wear double masks, keep social distancing and cautious use of desinfectants?
SarsCovid will never be erradicated but if we all protect ourselves as i said above, eventually our natural immune Defenses will save us and one day these pandemics will become like flu whoch is curable and you go on living!
My grandma survived deadly 1918 spanish flu, thanks to her natural immune system and no vaccine was protecting them but their own natural immune system.
My mom is living proof and I am living proof among billions of survivors, that we can survive these pandemics, preventably, and wwithout vaccines.
Like you Greta, i survived along witj my grown children and grandchildren without vaccines and we haven't gotten reinfected bc we wear double masks, social distance and desinfectants.

Don't be herded to vaccines!

You can survive too without politically rushed vaccines! 

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